Queen of Heart (Change)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, of course that would be Ratana. I don’t make money out of this story otherwise you already would’ve pay to read these two sentences. I do however, own the storyline and if you think it sucks, I’m sorry I can’t give you back your time for reading this. Sorrybutnotsorry.

There was a reason why Lynn didn’t go out to clubs as much as her friends did. The music that was pumping out of the speakers and the lasers blasting everyone, they were giving her a headache. Why did she had to agree to come here with Grace?

“Lynn, are you listening?”

At the sound of her name, Lynn turned around to face her red-haired best friend. Lynn gave her a sheepish grin and said, “Sorry, Grace. What were you saying?”

Grace let out a pout, “You really weren’t listening. Geez, did someone catches your eyes or something?” She leaned past Lynn and tried to scout out who was the lucky girl that had caught her friend’s fancy.

Lynn giggled and pushed Grace back to her seat. “No one. Seriously, what were you saying?”

Grace leaned back into her seat and gave her friend a stare and decided to pick up her beer on the table and took a quick sip. “So, I can assume you’re getting better, right?”, Grace asked while looking at her friend in the corner of her eyes.

“What?”, Lynn asked confusingly.

Grace placed her beer down on the table before turning her body to give Lynn her full attention.

“I mean, the reason I brought you here was to make sure you didn’t hide yourself in your room while listening to sad music. God forbid, I don’t think anyone should listen to Hello while they’re on a heartbreak.”

Lynn grimaced.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re still not over the doctor?”, Graced asked.

She stayed silence.

Grace gave out a sigh before wrapping her arm around the blonde’s shoulder and pulled her close. “Lynn…”

She looked down at her knee. “Grace, I’m trying. Everyday I’m getting better and everyday it hurts a little less.”

Grace squeezed Lynn’s shoulder as a sign of confirmation that she knew her friend was trying to get better, but sometimes Lynn could be a little slow on things. That was why she needed a friend like herself to speed up the progress.

“Alright, alright. Don’t be so sad already. We’re here to have fun!”

Grace let go of Lynn and quickly jumped to her feet. She turned around and held out her hand. Lynn looked at the extend arm and looked back up to red-haired friend.

“Come on! Let’s go dancing!”

Lynn shook her head.

“Don’t be a party-pooper. It will be fun!”

Lynn smiled and hesitated. Grace took the opportunity and grabbed her friend’s hand and dragged her onto the dance floor.

Lynn tried to protest but Grace turned around and smiled at her. “You won’t regret it.”


Seriously, there was a reason why she didn’t go to club.

She turned to look at Grace and saw her friend who was experiencing the opposite of what she was feeling. Grace had her head back, laughing and enjoying the attention she was getting from the men and women surrounding her.

Well at least one of them was having fun.

It wasn’t like she was dancing by herself the whole time, in fact it was as if Lynn was fire and the moths were surrounding her from left and right. She would probably enjoy the attention if she was here a year ago, but now she felt like she was suffocating and she needed to move to a less crowded area to breathe.

She let out a sigh and glanced at Grace once again – tonight would be a long night. As she was about to step off the dance floor to grabbed herself a drink, she felt someone behind her. In that moment, Lynn didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt the need to stay rooted at the position. She knew she should get away but for some reason she was paralyzed. She could smell the floral and musky scent that was dissipating from the person behind her. It was a familiar scent like she had smell it before.

Lynn turned around and she felt her breath had suddenly escaped out of her lungs. Standing in front of her was one of the most attractive girls she had ever seen. The woman was half a head taller than Lynn (almost everyone in here was taller than her). She was dressed in a simple spaghetti white dress that just fell a bit before her knee. The dress pulled out all the curves of girl’s body and showed off her smooth milky skin. She had beautiful dark brown hair that landed just a bit past her breasts. Speaking of breasts, Lynn could guess that would be a C cup.

Lynn finally decided to look up (because staring at someone chest for too long was poor etiquette) to see a woman that was looking down at her with those dark chocolate eyes. And those eyelashes, Lynn wondered if those were real. In amiss of her thoughts, Lynn didn’t realize that her body had decide to take action of its own, she had step closer to the woman in front of her.

The mysterious woman took her hands and placed them on her waist and wrapped her arms around Lynn’s neck pulling them closer together. Usually, Lynn would probably freak out with a such a close proximity with another stranger, even if the stranger was a beautiful one. She would never let another person touch her this intimately in just minutes of meeting (except for her).

Lynn didn’t know if she was holding her breath the entire time they wrapped around each other but she felt a little dizzy. Was it the drink, the light, the music or was it the woman that was getting her heart to beat at a quick pace?

“Dance with me?”

It was the first time the mysterious woman had spoken. If she thought her scent was captivating her voice was more hypnotizing. The low sultry tone that seemed to pull Lynn further into the woman.

Can you fall in love at first sight?

It didn’t occur to Lynn that she nodded her head until she felt her body started to sway to the rhythm of the woman in front of her.

Lynn didn’t know how long they had dance for. It could have been 5 minutes, 10 or maybe an eternity but she knew she didn’t want to let go of the stranger any time soon. However, her fantasy seemed to come to an end when the taller woman pulled herself back from her. She looked at the woman confusingly.

The stranger gave her smile and leaned down to Lynn’s ear and whispered, “Let’s get out of here.”

By this time, Lynn was sure if she wasn’t objecting to the woman dancing with her she would had to object to leaving the club with this woman. For all she knew, this woman could be the next killer.

Instead of shaking her head, Lynn did the opposite.

What are you doing?! Are you really following her home?!

With the affirmation that she needed, the taller woman grabbed onto Lynn’s hand and walked her to the exit. As Lynn walked toward the door, she could see Grace smiling at her and giving her thumb up. She wanted to yell out to her friend but it seemed like her body was being control and she couldn’t open her mouth and speak.

Lynn turned her attention back to the stranger and realized they were getting closer to the exit. If she screamed now, Lynn was sure she could get everyone’s attention- but she didn’t.

She was scare but at the same time, at ease. She couldn’t understand why but the only thought that was going through her mind was what her friend had say in the earlier.

You won’t regret it.

Author’s note: So, as I was finishing writing this I realized the ending seem a little open-ended. I’m not sure if there is going to be a part two because I’m a lazy ass, but I’ll try my best to see if there is part two. If not this could be open-ended and you guys can use your imagination. ❤