Bio: Doing a little update: My name is Egg Tart but you can call me Eggy or if you want me to feel good you can call me Eggy-sama. I’m from the U.S, Philly, right in the hood. You can describe me in three words, lazy, lazy and lazy. I don’t think there are any other words that can describe me more perfectly than these three words. I’m also a homebody and a moody person. My moodiness is solely dictated by my hunger, which is why I need to eat all the time. My aphrodisiac is chocolate; you can make me doing anything with the right amount and the right kind of chocolate. You would think it is egg tart that I can’t live without, but you’re wronggggg. Another useless information about me is I love traveling. My goal for life is to travel around the world, enjoy all the different cultures of food and make a living out of it. In short, I want to be a travel blogger. I’ll get there someday. What else about me you should know, oh I'm bi. So I like girls and guys. I can't just pick a side when I can have both, the more the merrier. For girl, my type is like Seol-A. Seol-A is totally my girl and I want my girl to be as rich as Seju, so she can be my sugar mommy. I want that Aston Martin car she gave to Sumin. As for guys, let's not talk about them. But seriously, I'm really chill and I'm really down to talk to you guys, when I'm not busy. So if you guys have any questions or anything, leave a comment on my facebook or ask.fm page. Keep on supporting. Tank chu!!!!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Omsi

    Your Fluttering Feelings analyses are so on point. You predict 99% of what’s going to happen next. And you helped me through the confusing Yu-Ji storyline :3 Thank you and keep up the good work!


  2. ThoseYuriVibesDoe

    Can you start analyzing the love doctor for us?

    That manhwa is totally underrated. Needs more fanbase!

    Enjoy all your analysis of pulse



    1. Heyy!!

      Thank you for reading my ridiculous reviews and supporting me. lol

      In my schedule right now, I only have time to do reviews for Pulse and I don’t think Pulse is going to end anytime soon for me to do something else.
      However, in the future if there is another project that you will like me to work on and I like what I’m reading, I’ll probably do it.

      Thank you for your love!! Keep on supporting.


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