I’m still here…

Heyy guys!! Wow, definitely long time no see. How long has it been? Hmm, probably about half a year, no?

I’m sorry I disappeared for a while. I probably should write a note like last time and let you guys know that I won’t be around, but I guess I didn’t. I don’t really have a legit excuse for not writing the reviews for the past few months. It wasn’t like something major happened or I was super super super busy or there was some technical difficulties. I was just lazy and for some times, I had been tired and wanted to take a rest.

So I did.

I took a rest and now I’m back. Hopefully, I will have some energy to last me for a while before I need to recharge again. I’m not complaining because writing reviews for you guys are really fun, but it is a reason.

So here’s the situation, it’s because I’ve been gone for several weeks, I need to play catch-up. And if I’m correct, I shouldn’t be playing catch-up for too long cause Pulse went on a hiatus too, which is a good thing for me (horrible thing for you guys) because that mean I didn’t miss too much.

So for each review, until I can get back to the current chapter, I will have 2 chapters in 1 review and as always, the reviews will come out every Wednesday. So I may not be super detailed in everything I see in the chapter but nothing important will be left out either.

So the next review will be coming out in this Wednesday July 19th.

Hope you guys be patience with me and accept my apology for being gone so long. ❤


Best Regard,

Your Lovely Eggy

fried rice


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