Pulse Pulse Pulse (Part 14)


Sometimes, I find myself a walking contradiction. When summer is here I complain that’s it’s too hot and I want winter to come. When winter is here, I will complain that it’s too cold and want summer back. When I’m in school, I complain why can’t I be an adult, go to work and earn money and buy the things I want. But now that I’m working, I want to go back to school and escape all the responsibilities and… the pile of bills.

When the ones you love are around, you never really care for them. Only, when they’re finally leaving you, you noticed all the good times you guys share together. You never appreciated with what you have until it’s gone. Why can’t we ever live in the present? Why do we dwell on the past and wonder for the future? When all we have to do is live this moment.

Okay, like the usual, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ratana Satis for blessing us with this great comic, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job. You can read this on Lezhin or if you’re smart you will find some way to read it for free but I’m not promoting it here.

Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!!!!



I hope Mel is going to do something wild soon, because she’s starting like a mommy. Not that it isn’t a good thing because it is if Lynn is actually pregnant. Actually, who will carry the baby if they decide to have kids? I can’t see Mel going around with a belly. Can a pregnant woman ride a bike?


Anyway, Mel will make a great tiger mom, while Lynn is going to be a cool mom. Oooh yeah, I can totally see it.


One of the things that make a girl really sexy, is when she steps out of a shower in a towel (I guess chemise is fineee), her hair is still a bit wet and water droplets are sliding down her body and she’s winking at you. *heart rate increases by ten millions*


Duh Mel, she’s waiting for you to dry it for her. Be a good girlfriend and do your job. If you’re not going to do it, move, I’ll do it for you. ~Lynnnn I’m coming~


Another sexy thing about a girl, is when she knows what she wants and she’s going for it. Yo go gurrrl!!!!!


Of course, Mel. How can anybody not want this sexy body. I mean just look at da asssss. Mm-mm-mmmmm.


Mel, forget about your stupid heart and just go for it. Damn it, you’re wasting time here! Lynn really needs you tonight.


Sigh. Well I guess you’re masturbating yourself tonight to get any sleep.


Anyway, back to work. I forgot sometimes Mel is a doctor. She gotta earns some money so she can take care of her baby.


Like this story is based in Thailand, right? Phuket? Bangkok? Chang Mai? What city are they living in? How the hell can there be so many beautiful women there and all so ready for some loving. I need to move there.

She’s saying these all for you to hear it, Mel. Do you get it? You need to stop wasting time and just go for the one you love or you’re going end up like her… wasting time.


Love is not complicated, it’s easy, but sometimes the easier something is the harder it is to understand.

Sigh, anyway it’s because Mel is at the hospital of course we’re going to see Grace chick somehow. Isn’t she engaged or married or something?


Oh, so she is engaged, this just make her more pitiful. This chick really needs to move on, Mel said she doesn’t do ‘cheaters’.


Oh gosh, so dramatic. Papers flying everywhere. Ahh.


I do not like that face. Usually when someone said something with that expression, it means things are about to turn psycho.(I watch too much anime to know this.) And this red hair chick is borderline obsessive with Mel. Grace, if you dare put your hands on Lynn, I’m going pew pew pew you.

Wrap Up

Before I get to Grace… I want to talk about Mel and Lynn. Let’s talk about the happy and good stuffs first.

It is very obvious, that Lynn has gotten used to Mel and is not shy as she used to be. All the advances that she has been making are vicious and she’s getting more foxy as the days go by. Maybe Lynn has realized that she doesn’t have much time left and wants to enjoy the time she has left with Mel or it can be she wants to have sex with Mel before she leaves. Either way, I don’t know why, I have a feeling that Lynn doesn’t want to get better but she just want to know what love is before she leaves.

So, as Lynn is taking steps forward, Mel is stepping backward. It is also so very obvious that Mel is feeling something for Lynn and she even admitted but she keeps backing away because she wants to protect her heart. So at time like this, Mel will need to hear some wise words from someone with a past experience. Who can better explain this than our lovely Elle. She definitely knows the definition of a coward and lucky for her, she figures out in time so she can be with her lover. There are people out there who are unfortunate and when they do realize what happen it’s already too late.

So with that being said, Mel should definitely follow Grace’s actions. This red hair chick is definitely not a definition of a coward, in fact she’s very courageous. She actually goes for the one she loves, too bad Mel doesn’t love her, but hey at least she tries. She can’t go back and said she has regret because she expresses what she feels for Mel, it just doesn’t turn out well. Now, all I hope is that she doesn’t turn crazy and go after my Lynn because I will cut her.

Ratana, don’t make me cut her.


Author: Ratana Satis

Translation: Shompu

QC: Coco Roco

Edit: Alextasha

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products. 


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