Pulse Pulse Pulse (Part 9)

Hey guys, sorry for the late review last week. Some stuffs came up and I have to take care of it. Hopefully, things will go back to normal and I can have a peaceful life. I hate when I freaking have to deal with annoying problems that take forever to solve. I’m not really a patience woman, so stuffs that drag on will get on my nerve. Like recently, I got into a car accident, oh my god the paper works and the calls I have to do to get things done make me go crazy. But I have a feeling, that if I ever have a girlfriend in the future and things like this happen, I’ll probably be the one that take care of it and not want to worry her. Aah, I’m such a lover.

ALSO RATANA NOTICED MY REVIEWS. THIS IS AMAZING!!! Took me a little while to realize but I feel loved. Thank you!

Okay before I get started, like usual, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ratana Satis for blessing us with this great comic, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job. You can read this on Lezhin or if you’re smart you will find some way to read it for free but I’m not promoting it here.

Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!!!!



See? We don’t like to wait for things we just like to do things but sometimes we don’t like to do anythings either.

But we’ll definitely waste time waiting for the things we love. I love wasting time on waiting for when I can go to sleep. I don’t mind spending time on waiting to sleep.


Aww, look at how caring my baby is. But why is that orange juice looks so orange? I never see any orange juice so orange in my life.


Sorry, got off track. Anyway, now Lynn is being a creeper. I wonder what it feels like to be stared by someone while you’re sleeping? Scary. Cause you never know what they can do to you. Like draw on your face and make you hold stupid signs.


Uh-oh, caught red handed. By the way, do you think that by not breathing you’ll disappear Lynn? Is she pinching her nose or covering her mouth?

Yo, Mel is slick. Just gonna grab on to my Lynn like that and use an excuse of being tired to hug my Lynn like that. She better takes care of my Lynn like that or she’s going to get smack like that. (That’s my rap for today)

Oooh Lynn. If you’re going to kiss her, wipe that drool from Mel’s mouth first, because ewww.

Who’s texting? Oh, oh, oh, is that Bee?! Omg, it’s my gurrl.


Lynn, forget about Mel, just eloped with Bee. I will totally support. (Ratana, if you’re reading this, do you wanna consider this a side project? I know you want to. *nudge nudge, wink wink*)

That look so much better than what Mel made. Well at least one person can cook and they don’t need to die of starvation.


Uh-oh, Mel is reading her text. Is Bee going to get some tonight?

Uh-oh, Lynn is holding her back. Is Mel going to get some tonight?


That jawbone though…


Mel, you asshole, how can you say something like this to Lynn? You’re falling for her too.

Uh-oh. Uh-oh. The angst is cominggg.

Wrap Up

This chapter has more angst than loveliness. Lynn tries to make a move on Mel but I guess this is not the right time yet. Mel is still so freaking defensive when we clearly know she head over heels for our Lynn, I mean the kiss helloo. I can already sense that Lynn is regretting her decision to be with Mel if she gets hurt like that. Lynn only has her eyes on Mel, but Mel on the other hand, ho ho ho I don’t know how many.

I can sense that this won’t be fair to Lynn. I mean we already saw how Mel reacts when Lynn hangs out with others but it’s totally fine when she goes out. Well, let’s see who’s going to get hurt first. But I have a feeling that it will be Lynn. Maybe it will be too much for her to handle and she’s going to walk away. Then Mel realizes what happen, panic, and is going to run after her. She then confesses her love, Lynn accepts and they live happily ever after. Then for the rest of the story we can just see them acting cute toward each others, I like that. Ratana, maybe you should give this a thought too.


Author: Ratana Satis

Translation: Shompu

QC: Coco Roco

Edit: Alextasha

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products. 


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