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Happy past Mother’s Day!

Hope you guys have a wonderful time spending with your moms. Mom is like a bittersweet melon, you can’t live with her but you can’t live without her. I don’t know how many Asians are reading this blog, but I guess this apply to all moms from different culture. Asian moms or moms in general like to nag a lot and they like to know everything. They want to know what you’re doing, where you’re going, who you’re with. You want to hang out with your friends? Sure no problem. Send me a picture with their faces, I want to know their names, addresses, phone numbers, heights, weights, favorite food and their nemesis. Just in case.

Oh, what about curfew? Of course there is curfew.

Me: Mom, I’ll be home by 10.

Unreasonable anxious creature: 10! Why so late?! What are you doing that you need to come home at 10?

Me: Mommmm, 10 is not late. Beside I’m just hanging at Nancy’s house. We’re going to work on a project and then watch a movie.

Unreasonable anxious creature: No, you can’t stay there until 10. You can do project there and then come home and watch movie.

Me: 0_o Then what’s the point of watching the movie together?

Unreasonable anxious creature: You can watch it at home and talk on the phone. It’s the same thing.

Me: Mom, I’m just going to be at Nancy’s house. You know who Nancy is.

Unreasonable anxious creature: Nancy, yeah, sweet girl but people change. You know, I was watching news other day, some crazy lady cut up her own sister. People changeeeeee.

Me: You’re being unreasona-

Unreasonable anxious creature: 8

Me: Mom, I just told yo-

Unreasonable anxious creature:7:45

Me: Wha-

Unreasonable anxious creature: 7:30

Me: Fine!!!

Unreasonable anxious creature: Haha, I win.

I’m kidding. Mom is the best, that’s why we have day for her. From the moment that you are conceived, to the 10 months you spend in your mom’s belly, to the moment you are born, the times you spend growing up, mom is there the whole time. I know sometimes we don’t see eye to eye with them and we like to think we’re correct and they’re outdated but at some points moms are right. They had experience it before and they don’t want us to make the same mistake as them so they try to make decision for us. However, look at it from their view and you’ll realize that coming home at 10 is still okay! Anyway, forgot about that and just listen to your mom.


So… Fluttering Feelings is probably not going to come back until a while. I thought I should take this time and rest, but it turns out I kinda miss you guys. Maybe, I miss writing my blog, which was how Pink Elephant got started in the first place.

I decided to get back to my blog and write about whatever until Fluttering Feelings comes back (if it even going  to come back, touch wood touch wood, of course it will). Or I can start doing another review for a different story. I’m looking at Pulse right now, so we’ll see. Here’s the cover page with the two main characters.cover


Also, remember I mention to you before how I’m working on a project, of course you don’t remember but that’s okay, I know you guys suck anyway. I kid, I love you guys. Anyway, I’m working on creating a youtube channel and do some vlogging. It’s still in progress, 1) I need to find time to do the recording 2) find the right equipment and 3) I need to research on topics that I want to talk about. If you guys have any suggestions, please feel free and leave a comment below and let me know. Or if you think it’s a bad idea let me know too. Will be much appreciated.



2 thoughts on “Back to Blogging/Pulse/And More

  1. wednesdaysfire

    Hello Pink Elephant,
    I used to come on your site for your hilarious reviews of Fluttering Feelings. As the manga has not been updated in a while I have not visited you. Today I am visiting to see if you heard the not so great news about the author. Ssamba is undergoing treatments for cancer that she/he shared was “terminal”. As of now the manga appears to be on hold as the author is trying to get better healthwise. Some of the folks back in the Dynasty forums are writing get well letters and trying to come up with ideas to send to the author during this time period. As you have made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions, I was wondering would you consider writing a piece for Ssamba? Even if its not humor related just the fact that you created this blog and wrote (and promoted) the manga may be heartwarming to the author.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this message, I will keep out your other blogs!


    1. 1) Call me Eggy or Eggy-sama, lol, pink elephant makes me feel old and this blog only run by me so there is no one else.

      2) Thanks bb for letting me know about the forum. I had heard about Ssamba’s bad news and I feel really bad that she has to go through this.I really hope she can get better.
      I wrote something for her, where do you want me to post it? Do you have a link to Dynasty?

      Thank youu


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