Create some title name and put it here.

For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile (thank you for your support!) may drop by to check up to see if there is any review, there is!



Nah, I’m just kidding. No update this week either. I know, cruel joke but it can’t be any worst than this waiting game that we’re force to participate. Ssamba, just so you know, I pray for you to get better. Maybe you should try some Chinese herbal medicine. Shit tastes nasty but it works.

Do you realize usually the stuffs that are good for you don’t come a good package. I mean you want to eat healthy, but goddam the salad is even more expensive than a Big Mac. Okay, fine don’t buy salad from outside, make your own. I want to eat organic vegetables but I can’t afford it. So don’t rebuke me for eating processed foods. Ooohh macaroni and cheeseeee, in a container, just need to reheat it, no need to cook. Lol, all those sodium and freaking chemical names that I can’t even pronounce. YOLO! Oh by the way, soda is also cheaper than water. No wonder we’re getting fat.

So as a decent human being, we are putting in effort to be more healthy but society is like ‘Bitch please, you ain’t getting that six pack but you are getting that six pack of coke for just 1.99! If you buy now we even throw in a lifetime of diabetes!’

Anyway, Ssamba should get better. Not just for us to get FF back but for her to be healthy again. I wonder if Ssamba is gay. Well, you don’t need to be a yuri to create yuri but if you’re like Yuri then you’re probably yuri.

So yeah… no update, no chapter and hiatus is indefinite. I don’t know what to post on this blog anymore. You guys should let me know what I should do. Should I just be lazy and not do anything until FF is back or should I be lazy and not post anything until FF is back?. Ah, never mind. I know the answer.



2 thoughts on “Create some title name and put it here.

  1. Sophie Michel

    Thank you for all those reviews. I’ve read *all* of of them and I’ve been enjoying myself the whole time.
    I wish Ssamba could read them, I bet she’d have a good laugh. Laughing is good for your health too. Organic vegetables and Egg Tart’s reviews!

    Hope to read you soon once FF is back.
    Ssamba, get well, a lot of people you don’t even know think about you all over the world. ^_^


  2. I was like what is this girl (you are a girl, right? I mean base on your name but correct me if I’m wrong) talking about organic vegetables. Then I remember that was in my post. I’m really getting old, I don’t even remember what I wrote a few days ago.

    Anyway, thank you for your support. I am very much appreciated. I do hope ssamba can read my review because I have all these plans for Seol-A and No-Rae that she can use. *nudge nudge, wink wink*


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