A Little Update

You know before the hiatus, I thought it will be nice for me to take a break from writing. So when Ssamba announces that she won’t be updating any chapter until 2 weeks later, I partied. Then I realize after a week of not posting, I kinda miss you guys or maybe reviewing for FF. I miss about spazzing for my girls and talk shits about the ex. Sigh… the good time.

Also, Ssamba. Let’s talk about this girl. What’s up with her? This is like her third or fourth times getting sick. We should be finishing the manhwa by Christmas if each chapter is release every week on time. But looking at how things are going now, I don’t know if we even going to see an ending by New Years.

Now, I’m questioning if she’s really sick or she’s just lying. I kinda hope that she’s lying than her getting sick. Maybe she came across a writer’s block or something and can’t think of any story line for the girls so she needs to take a break. Or she needs to have fun with her life and she doesn’t have time to entertain peasants like us. Or maybe she needs to find a Seol-A of her own. Either way, these reasons are still better than her getting sick all the times. Yo Ssamba girl, you need to drink more orange juice.

On a side note, I’m starting to work on this side little project, something that is not related to FF. I’m still brainstorming but I will reveal it a little more when I have something more concrete.

Hopefully, we’ll have an update by Sunday. Holla!

PS: I’m not reviewing for WDTFS (too much raunchy shits that I think I’ll lose blood if I have to talk about it) but damn that manhwa blows me out of the water. Team Pink!


2 thoughts on “A Little Update

  1. Sophie Michel

    Damn.. Further Hiatus notice. I suspect a burn out. FF’s drawings have been kind of shabby looking in the most recent chapters. I’m afraid we won’t ever see the end.

    I hope Ssamba will be fine in the end and that she drops her project if it is too much to handle.



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