Fluttering My Feelings (Part 42)

I believe in soulmate. I believe there is a person out there that is perfect for you and is destined to be your love. They may not be what you imagine your ideal partner to be either in look or personality. However, when it comes down to what your heart wants, it’s them that you desire. People who don’t believe in soulmate either never met one before or they think the one they have now is perfect, but no it can get better. Everyone has one and I found mine. Her name is Sleep and I will like to be with her 24/7. There is not one minute that I don’t think about her and just the thought of being with her makes me horny. Well technically, I can be with her anytime I want to. I call and she just comes to me but it’s inappropriate to do it in the public. So our paradise is still my bed. Ahh, Sleep, how I love thee.

Let’s get started but before we start, the usual, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ssamba for blessing us with this great manhwa, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job in translating and uploading because without you guys, I wouldn’t know shit of what I’m reading and experience this awesomeness romance.

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Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri manhwa? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!! 



Sigh… the ex.

Hye-Gyeong seems a little too excited. Of all people you ask to help, you have to ask the one person that No-Rae doesn’t want to get close to.


Exactly, my thought. Actually, his whole appearance is unnecessary. His whole life is unnecessary.


Anyway, he piggybacks her all the way home with Seol-A forlornly looking at them.

Dude, ‘removing the jacket’ and ‘tucking her in bed’ is not your responsibilities and not your place to even say them.

Okay, I don’t know exactly what Ssamba is thinking when she draws this scene but she’s probably not thinking what I’m thinking. I giggle. Did the ex really make that excuse for him to stay? Or he knows what going on between the girls and he’s trying to throw a hint at Seol-A so things can progress faster?


Well Seol-A probably is thinking of what I’m thinking. That more like ‘a deer got caught in a headlight’ look than a ‘I’m offended’ look.

Well, either way it brings the same result.

I have to say, this is the first time the ex actually done something I approve. She actually cuts her nails and I can see where this is going all the way from here.


That’s Seol-A’s way of saying ‘Bitch, you can get your ass out of here now’.

Seol-A kicks the ex out so she can have No-Rae all to herself. Look at the gentle touch and the sweeping of the hair. Ah, so romantic but also creepy for touching someone in their sleep. But let’s just focus on the romantic part.

Being drunk like that, of course the next day No-Rae will have a major hangover. But no fear, Seol-A is here. She’s such a caring future girl friend.

You know, usually when I have a hangover and my head is killing me, early in the morning, talking to my ‘friend’, looking at someone nails will be the last thing on my mind. Also, if I’m not thinking those ‘thoughts’, why will I be focusing on someone nails? Ahhh, Ssamba you naughty kid.

Hye-Gyeong, you traitor!! I believe in you, we all believe you. So you actually did send a text to him. Why?!


And she’s pushing my No-Rae to give him a call too. You traitor!

Thoughtful my ass. He’s more of a creeper and you… Out of all the people, I was rooting for you to be Seol-Rae number one fan but look what happen. You actually don’t know what is going on and to think you’re perceptive.


I think Seol-A can carry No-Rae. Seol-A is probably a bit heavier than No-Rae and to carry someone on the back is not that hard. The ex is so unnecessary.

Wrap Up

I’m happy and sad about this chapter. My heart doesn’t know what to do. I’m sad because the one person that I have trust in, the one person that I will never think to betray the girls, went and betrayed them and I didn’t even see it coming. However, out of the misery there is a silver lining of what yet to come. I can see what Ssamba is doing with her paving her way to sexy time. I mean, come one, even the densest fan out there can see where the nails cutting preparation is going. So if there’s preparation going on then ‘something’ must be coming.

The chapter started with Seol-A and the ex awkwardly carried No-Rae home. Once they were home, the ex tried to stay and take care of No-Rae. To his surprise, Seol-A adamantly rejected him to stay and told him to go home. (To be honest, this is the first time I see Seol-A being so assertive to the ex. Most of the times, she seems to be hesitating in whether she should acts or not because she doesn’t know how No-Rae will feel. Well No-Rae is knockout, she can do whatever she wants to do.) Then the ex responded the rejection with a insightful weird comeback. He told Seol-A that she might hurt No-Rae because of her long nails. (Like, wtf.) Offended and hurt by that comment, Seol-A immediately went and cut all her nails. She really didn’t want him to linger around and he was surprise on how determine she wanted him gone. (I feel like the two of them realize something over their actions.) Seol-A won and the ex reluctantly left.

The next day, No-Rae didn’t remember anything. She only knew she had a headache because of a hangover. (To my surprise) No-Rae noticed Seol-A had cut her nails. Then Hye-Gyeong appeared and she talked. She ‘recommended’ No-Rae to call the ex to just said thanks. Her job didn’t stop there, she even gushed about the ex in front of Seol-A. (Gush. She gushes in front of Seol-A.) Then at the ending scenes, Seol-A offered to carry No-Rae (which she probably can’t help but feel helpless. That when No-Rae needs her she can only stand by sideline while the ex takes all the credit) but No-Rae thought she was a nut job.

This chapter is not so bad and for the first time in a while, I feel like something is coming. I mean the hint on the nails itself is a big clue that Ssamba herself is getting impatient with the sexual tension. Although we found ourselves a mole in this chapter, I’m happy to say that we should be heading to something good now. This is already chapter 68 and I won’t be surprise if next chapter doesn’t have the kiss but don’t make it a filler again, Ssamba. I’m not expecting anything but I don’t want to be disappointed either.


Author: Ssamba

Translator: Halmoni

Editor: thatanon

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products. 


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