Important: Please Read

As all of you may know, there isn’t any update this week for Fluttering Feelings, due to Ssamba catching a cold. I realize this girl is really fragile, she gets sick really easily. She really needs to watch her health, otherwise, who’s going to upload FF. I mean I care about Ssamba, of course I care about her but if I have to pick between her or Fluttering Feelings. I rather not say.

Anyway, people over the internet had a little mental break down. They were expecting a chapter to be out today but instead all they got was a note. I was expecting to read something too but I guess I had a higher expectation than I thought, even though my expectation wasn’t high to begin with. I mean the last couple chapters clearly show about my attitude towards vagblocking.

So, with no update, of course there will be no review. This post is just for me to leave you a note saying that there isn’t any updated chapter to review about, which you guys already know when you check Comico. So, yes I’m just being redundant and an asshole. And yes, I just waste a minute of your life by making you reading this, if you can even read this fast.


*Disclaimer: I’m kidding when I allegedly imply that I like FF over Ssamba, no I like them both equally. I need to state this otherwise I’ll be getting hate mails from Ssamba’s fans for not caring about her. I do care about her. Although, there is no disclaimer for me being an asshole. You welcome.



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