Fluttering My Feelings (Part 28)

Sitting here and staring at the screen, I have a headache. I’m so confuseeee. Why are there 2 Seol-As? I mean I understand the meaning ‘the more the merrier’ and it’s right around Christmas so maybe Ssamba is feeling generous but still!! Maybe also because I drink expired milk but shouldn’t that make my stomach hurts instead of my head. I’m confuseeee!

So let’s get started but before we start, the usual, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ssamba for blessing us with this great manhwa, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job in translating and uploading because without you guys, I wouldn’t know shit of what I’m reading and experience this awesomeness romance.

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Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri manhwa? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!! 



And we’re back where we left off. The two girls in a bathhouse except they’re not bathing, which I don’t know why. Also, why is No-Rae’s head not on Seol-A’s lap anymore, they can still have a conversation like that.


Anyway, Seol-A the sneaky ass, is bringing up her sneaky plan on trying to get more alone time with No-Rae. Girls will do anything and everything for their girl.


Tricking No-Rae is as easy as snapping your finger.


Or is it?


Maybe underneath the innocence and naive facade is an unpredictable and perceptive…


…girl that knows all your deep dark secrets…


…or maybe not and all she cares about is food. (Which is not a bad thing because food is life.)


Look at that guilty expression. Seol-A probably never works a day in her life, which I don’t see anything wrong with that cause why would the queen works. Side note: is that still No-Rae’s bottle that she’s drinking from? Gurl you thirsty?




Girls with glasses are really damn sexy.


Wait, what? Seol-A is going to model again. Is it for another bikini ad? OMG! Yes please!!


And No-Rae too?!! Is Santa really coming to town?!



Flashback over* Side note: Why is Hye-Kyung always late for everything? Is she doing it deliberately?



Wait…wait…isn’t that Seol-A? Who the hell is Yoon Enah?


Yeah, my facial expression exactly. Who is this look-alike Seol-A number 2?


Okayyy, this is definitely getting weird. It’s almost like they’re freaking twins.


Yeah, they’re twins. They even have the same taste but Seol-A number 1 aint impress with her Seol-A number 2.




Well, first of all Seol-A don’t judge No-Rae like that. She may be an idiot but she’s a cute idiot. Second, why can’t you hurt your neck while mountain climbing, it’s possible. Third, Seol-A what exactly are you thinking that you know Seol-A number 2 is lying? Having sex while pulling a nerve on your neck? Damn, that’s some hardcore sex.



Anyway, Enah’s sex life is not the point. If anything, we should start thinking about when will Seol-A and No-Rae have their own sex life… together.


Okay, it’s not just Seol-A number 2 anymore, it’s Cougar Seol-A. Going in for the kill, not even wasting time.


Secretary? Like secretary, secretary or secretary secretary?


‘Follow you around…’, this is usually the starting point of some kind of foreplays. Oh my, is this what we’re having for dinner?


Okay Cougar Seol-A, saying you won’t doing anything weird actually makes everything weirder.

In just a span of 10 minutes, she’s already touching No-Rae. This woman has skills. Maybe young Seol-A should be her secretary and learn a thing or two from her twin.


Forget about the atmosphere, someone is touching your girl you should punch them in the face even if she looks 100% like you. (I don’t condone violence but my babies can’t be touch by others.)



I’m surprise that’s the only thing you worry about (although I can’t fault you since No-Rae is your everything) but the obvious fact is that she’s freaking look like you. I mean, that’s probably what you’re going to look like 10 years down the line, cougar and flirting with young girls.


Wow, No-Rae, your gay is showing, you’re not even hiding it.


My Seol-A is piss, definitely makes the wrong move in asking No-Rae to work for this part-time job or not.

Wrap Up

The whole time I’m reading FF, I at least think I know what I’m getting myself into but damn this chapter doesn’t make sense! Well, maybe it does but what does Cougar Seol-A have to do with anything and why is she time traveling back to steal her own girl? I’m confuseee.

So we had to start from the beginning, with the chapter started off with both girls still in the bathhouse, talking and everything except bathing. Seol-A sneakily brought up working for  a part-time job and asked No-Rae to join her, which the latter readily agreed, however, she looked rather skeptical. (In this whole manhwa, the only one that I still can’t figure it out is this goddam girl, No-Rae. She looks and acts naive but when shits happen she is like Captain America in Avenger.) Also, Hye-kyung always shown up late, not sure if it was done on purpose or not. It was say she was perceptive in the whole love department so maybe she caught something between the girls and wanted to give them more alone time or something.

But anyway, that was not even the meat of the chapter. Seol-A and No-Rae went for an interview that lasted about 15 minutes, and they got hired right on the spot (wish I have the same thing in real life) from the president that looked almost identical to Seol-A. (I have a theory, maybe Enah is the future Seol-A who travels back in time to help connect the now Seol-A and No-Rae together because these girls are taking a goddam long time to get together.) So during the whole interaction, Enah acted super weird, according to Seol-A. Not only did Enah ignored and kind of dismissed Seol-A, she was obviously flirting with her cutie-pie, No-Rae. Seol-A got hired as a part-time model, while No-Rae was hired as a secretary. Obviously, throughout the whole ordeal, Seol-A was jealous and annoy but No-Rae was completely enchanted by Enah with the latter cool demeanor and charisma.

Just when I think I know everything that I think I should know about FF, Ssamba comes out and put me in a roller coaster ride. These two girls never really have time to rest. Right after we’re done with the dude, we have Yu-Ji, then we have the ex and now this Enah and then sprinkle in a few moments of the girls’ hesitations and vagblocking from assholes. So yeah, my babies better have an epic ending or shits will happen. I’m kidding, shits won’t happen but still.


Author: Ssamba

Translator: Halmoni

Editor: thatanon

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products. 


2 thoughts on “Fluttering My Feelings (Part 28)

  1. Baba

    I laughed while reading, Enah does look too much like Seol-A. I feel like it could be intentional but I also think Ssamba has a problem with that, a lot of look alikes xD it was a fun chapter anyway. Your post is always nice to read 😀


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