Fluttering My Feelings (Part 21)

Okay, so I got home from work and I was so damn tired, I fell on my bed, slept and didn’t wake up until 9. I could have slept until 1 but I have work the next day. Yes, work on a Saturday, what a bitch.

Then I got up, went to take a shower and ate. I was like, damn I feel fresh and I’m getting stuffs done today, until I remembered I had a freaking post I needed to write. It almost slips my mind, however, Fluttering Feelings is always in my heart so I know I’ll remember… somehow. Anyway, forget about me and let’s just get into FF, but before we get started you may want to grab a handkerchief or something because there are going to be a couple scenes where you will want to bite and tear at that handkerchief.

So let’s get started but before we start, the usual, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ssamba for blessing us with this great manhwa, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job in translating and uploading because without you guys, I wouldn’t know shit of what I’m reading and experience this awesomeness romance.

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Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri manhwa? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!!


And we’re back with the two girls going on their date. Holla!!



Look at them, so cute! This scene should happen sooner.


47-5                47-6

Aww, look at my baby. She’s being the gentlewoman and is getting drink for my other baby.


What are the nutritious facts on the label, No-Rae?



And now she’s looking at people. Oh wait, not just people, couples.

47-10                     47-11

Oooh, No-Rae, you sneaky ass. If you want to be with her, just say something. (This is coming from a hypocrite)


I have a bad feeling about this…

47-13              47-14

Yep, boys. Uh, stalker much? He’s probably a creeper that go through her whole profile, look at all her pictures and like all her comments. (I will probably do it too). And no boy, you can’t have her numbers and what friendly term? Friendly term my ass.


Yeah, that’s what she probably is hearing. Or that’s just Ssamba way of saying they’re like a chicken.



Uh-oh, why do I get a sense of deja vu.


Ssamba, please don’t disappoint me. I have high hope for this chapter.


But on a side note, that’s a cute chibi version of Seol-A. Maybe Ssamba can release a special chibi version chapter.


And we’re back to serious.


Oh lord, I hope that’s a walk towards the right direction. (Exhibit A: of biting your handkerchief)


Oh thank goodness No-Rae does the right thing. I will flip some shit if this girl walks away again.

47-23                    47-24

Ooooh, tenderly. I like that word. Tenderly take her hand.


Tenderly wrapping her arms around her babe. Tenderly flirting and aggressively showing she’s already taken.


And now my girl is being interrogated by her babe for not rushing over on the first sign of danger.


47-28Okay No-Rae, what the hell are you talking about? The atmosphere is clearly awkward for Seol-A and she clearly needs you to run over to her and not stand there. No-Rae, you still has a lot more to go.



Can I take this as a partial confession? Basically what Seol-A is trying to say is, ‘bish I belong to you and you’re the only want I wanna bang so stop being a coward and kiss me already’. I think that what she means.


Let the staring contest begin! Who ever blinks first will lose. (Exhibit B)


And No-Rae lost in just five seconds. I can’t blame her, that was some intense stare.


Although, Seol-A is not impress with No-Rae’s skill.



Wrap Up

I have two feelings about this chapter. One side of me is like, aaaaahhhhhhh so much cuteness. The other side of me is, WTF just kiss already. And Ssamba, why are you making this chapter so short? I hope there is a second part to this, or I’ll flip some shits. Ssamba, you can’t leave me like this and not give me some closure. *Go to corner and cry* Anway, after reading this chapter I can sense that there is a confession coming or at least something is coming.

The chapter started with the two girls just enjoying each other. When Seol-A got tired she went to sit somewhere and relaxed, while her gentlewoman babe went to get her coffee. While sitting, of course knowing, Seol-A was once again surrounded by flies-guys. They thought  they came out smooth but was totally a creeper through and through. If this was not the worse, No-Rae walked into the scene and saw that once again Seol-A was surrounded by guys. No-Rae got a sense of deja vu again (well at least I did), however, unlike last time, instead of walking away from the scene, No-Rae became more confident in herself and walked up to Seol-A and rescued her away from the horny bastards.

Then they went on the typical, love drama, cliche place where couples usually go to declare their love or kiss- the Ferris wheel. So the girls went on the ride but they did nothing! Seol-A interrogated No-Rae in asking her why it took so long for her to walk over and No-Rae gave a stupid response, saying she wasn’t sure if she should walk over or not. Then Seol-A was like, yes you should walk over because I was waiting for you. Then the two girls proceeded to stare at each other. At this moment and time, a lovely jazz should be playing in the background and the girls should slowly lean toward each other and kiss. As it should, but it didn’t. Nothing freaking happened.

So anyway, that’s what this chapter is all about. It makes you thirsty but it doesn’t give you water. Well Ssamba, hopefully you’ll give us something on the next one. Arigato.


Author: Ssamba

Translator: Halmoni

Editor: thatanon

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products. 


3 thoughts on “Fluttering My Feelings (Part 21)

  1. baba

    It makes you thirsty but it doesn’t give you water. Lol so accurate.

    Btw did you know FF is going to have around 100 chapters? ssamba said so on her special chapter so wow, we only have read half of the story.


  2. Yeah, I read about it somewhere before too. Hopefully Ssamba doesn’t wait until chapter 99 to give us the kiss cause I’ll flip some tables. For real this time.

    And thanks for reading my post and commenting cause it gets lonely in here sometimes. Hugs.


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