Fluttering My Feelings (Part 18)

A day after Labor Day and I’m so tired. I almost don’t want to get up and go to work today. Maybe I can call in and tell my boss that I’m sick- sick of the working life. But I didn’t. Oh well. So I go to work and it’s the usual and today is Tuesday so it’s going to be the usual, too. I have to say that for this chapter I kinda expect what I want to expect but it turns out on something I have not expected (I have thought maybe, maybe we will get more of No-Rae and Seol-A scenes. Nu-uh). A comeback from the dude and the return of the ghost, this chapter is really unexpected alright.

PS: There may be a change of schedule starting next week as I have some grown up shits that I have to do. I will have to figure out the time slot of when I will be posting my review. I’ll let you guys know by the end of the week. Sawwy.  

But before we start, the usual, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ssamba for blessing us with this great manhwa, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job in translating and uploading because without you guys, I wouldn’t know shit of what I’m reading and experience this awesomeness romance.

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Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri manhwa? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!!



44-3                                44-4

I have two questions. Is this the day after the sleepover because if it is then where is No-Rae? Shouldn’t she be sleeping next to the beauty queen? Also, Seol-A snores? 0.0

44-5                         44-6

Clothes on a sofa, empty soda cans, unstack papers = messy. Then I guess Seol-A never wants to step into my room.

44-7                             44-8




O.O Okay, Ssamba. WTH? That’s not No-Rae because I will know my baby anywhere. That look like Yu-Ji… and she’s dead 2 years ago. Is this some paranormal shit?


And instead of running away and screaming, you actually stand there and talk to ‘it’. Seol-A…


Or maybe you have actually gone insane because you’re not even making any sense. Over where??




Oh no, Seol-A, no. You shouldn’t feel guilty. Don’t start thinking this way. If anything, it’s a series of unfortunate events and fate just wants to play with you.


Well, everybody make mistakes when they’re young. I’ll admit that you don’t always make the best decisions but that’s okay, you learn from your mistakes. That’s why you chase after No-Rae when she went back to her hometown.

        44-16              44-17

Well… you don’t need to blame yourself but that doesn’t mean you have forget about this whole situation. I don’t think it’s a good idea to ignore this and move on because it’s just going to grow bigger and it may blow up in your face later on. And I don’t want anything to blow up in your beautiful face.


I think it’s best if you talk to someone, preferably No-Rae, to learn to let go of this.


Well, first it’s freaky now it’s just sad.



Aww, my baby…

44-22               44-23

Damn, No-Rae where are you? Come and console your baby. She needs you.


First, it was the ghost or her imagination or whatever, now is the dude. What with all these people popping up except for my No-Rae.



Wow, and we’re talking about the dating topic.

     44-27       44-28

Dude… You say you can’t be thinking about love but you just confess to No-Rae not long ago. Okay… ¬_¬


Seol-A, why are you so adamant in knowing? Ohhh, is it because of No-Rae?


Burnnnn. That’s definitely aiming for Seol-A. This dude has no boundary.

     44-31          44-32

She goes around asking all these questions but in the end her main question is about No-Rae. Tsk, tsk. Pretty soon her whole life is going to revolve around No-Rae. Wait, I have spoken too soon.

44-33Seol-A, I don’t think you need to ask. I’m pretty sure he’s serious, it’s just that No-Rae rejected him. Also, you shouldn’t be worry since No-Rae belongs to you.



Finally, No-Rae is here!!

44-36 44-37

~Scoot, scoot~


You seem a little quiet, Seol-A. Aren’t you happy that your baby is here?


Oh my gosh, is that an indirect kiss?! I bet that’s what you’re thinking right, Seol-A? Well at least that’s what I’m thinking.


Wrap Up

Last chapter has me going o.m.g, this chapter has me go w.t.h.Not only is the dude back (I kinda like him cause he seems like a mediator for the girls so that’s okay, but still) but so is the ghost from the past. This manhwa really has everything and Ssamba just keeps surprising me on and on.

Exhibit A: the chapter opened up with Seol-A waking up. Naturally, I would thought it was the next day after the sleepover. I went and looked for No-Rae but nope, there was only Seol-A. Fine. Seol-A looked cute in her pink hoodie so I let that go. Exhibit B: then out of nowhere, Yu-Ji popped out. Ghost or not, it was still scary. Seol-A then proceeded to talk to ‘Yu-ji’. The news of the girl passing away really affected Seol-A and she had regret in not making a move in patching things up in their relationship. If she had done something, then they wouldn’t part the way they did. Seol-A concluded that she should just forget Yu-Ji all together, pretended that she didn’t exist and that she didn’t know about her death. (This is a very bad move. Ignoring your pain doesn’t make it hurts any less. The more you try to forget something the more you will remember it.)

Exhibit C: she then met up with Ji-Hwan later on the day and they had a conversation that seemed a little unusual. It would be unusual because Seol-A was going around asking him about his love life. One, why did Seol-A care? Two, what were her motives in knowing? But then it turned out Seol-a didn’t care much about Ji-Hwan’s love life, the whole conversation was to bring notice to a point, was Ji-Hwan serious when he confessed to No-Rae? (I mean obviously he is. With his cool looking self and his serious demeanor toward love, he must have some feeling before he confesses.) Before Ji-Hwan could answer, No-Rae popped up, exhibit D.

This chapter may not be as amazing and fluttering as the last chapter but it still has enough paranormal activity going on to make it exciting. It’s a short chapter but Ssamba has given us enough information that Seol-A will never be truly happy until she lets go of her past. It may also be that because of Yu-Ji, that it will create a major road block for No-Rae and Seol-A in them coming together. And don’t forget about No-Rae’s ex-boyfriend too.


Author: Ssamba

Translator: Halmoni

Editor: thatanon

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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