Fluttering My Feelings (Part 13)

Hey all my cutie pies! How are you guys/gals? We’re now in the beginning of the August, time has pass by so fast. Today is Tuesday and of course we’ll be reviewing over Fluttering Feelings. Today’s chapter will be for chapter 37-39. It will be the last day that I’ll be reviewing 3 chapters at a time. (You think I’m about to say the last time to review for FF, lol. No.) So for next Tuesday’s post, I’ll start to review one chapter. Then when FF starts again, I’ll continue with just one chapter. This way, there will be review every week instead of me or you waiting for review every other week, so it kinda works out.

Let’s get started but before I start, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ssamba for blessing us with this great manhwa, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job in translating and uploading because without you guys, I wouldn’t know shit of what I’m reading and experience this awesomeness romance.

Here is the link to the Facebook Page on Fluttering Feelings: https://www.facebook.com/FlutteringFeelings

Show your support by getting on Comico to read the latest release. I know the chapter gets lock after 3 days but during the 3 days time, at least go on there so Ssamba can get views. I also know right now the manhwa is being on hiatus but just hang on a little longer and don’t give up! It will continue again on August 17 and then we can be free!!!!

Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri manhwa? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!!




I’m reading the whole conversation, by the end I still have no idea what kind of project they’re working on. And I study business.


But discussing the project is the not the point of this meeting…

37-5                      37-6

You don’t want to mess with Seol-A. If she wants to take revenge, she can definitely ruin your life while sipping her wine.


This passive aggressive behavior, gosh I love it! It’s much more effective then directly cursing someone out. I should try it sometimes.


Aww, No-Rae is waiting for her baby.


Aaand someone has to clam jam. Damn, where do all these guys come from?

37-10                  37-11


What are you thinking, No-Rae? Are you hesitating on your feelings for Seol-A? Don’t.




Gosh, my baby is tired.


Oh no. No, no, no. You better not start thinking like this, No-Rae. Nobody can be a better match for her than you. Don’t look down on yourself and think you’re not good enough for her. It’s not something you decide, Seol-A will tell you if you’re good for her or not.

37-17        37-18

If your desires grow then just confess. If you confess, you have fifty percents chance of her saying yes. If you don’t confess, you don’t have any chance at all.


Well, if you don’t understand your feeling you still have time to figure it out but don’t take too long. Or someone may come along and snatch her away. (Although, that’s kinda hard since she so head over heels for you.)

37-20                            37-21




Can this Seol-A girl gets any prettier? The answer is yes. Anyway, No-Rae thinks too much and should just go with the flow.

37-25           37-26

It will be creepy if Seol-A knows and No-Rae didn’t tell her. That’s a first sign of being a stalker.


She really sounds like a caring girlfriend (and a mom).

37-28                  37-29

37-30                 37-31

Aww, so caring. She rather not uses it and gives it to No-Rae.

37-32                      37-33

This is such a cute-loving couple. (And Seol-A does nag like a mom, lol.)


37-35                   37-36

Wait, is she going out? She just told No-Rae that she’s going home, but she’s going out with Min-Jeong. So she does need the umbrella. Ooohh okay.



I can tell that something cliche is about to happen and it’s not something good.

37-39        37-40

I don’t know if I should laugh or not. This scene can definitely tell you it is a Korean production. Watch enough Korean dramas, you will know there are two things that create angst in the series, accident or cancer, Ssamba has chosen accident.



37-43                   37-44

Please Ssamba, don’t do this to me. Let this just be some misunderstanding. No-Rae does not need any accidents to move the story forward. Maybe No-Rae’s phone is off, out of battery or something.


Let’s pray.



This must be a dream, this can’t be happening.




I can feel her anxiety all the way from here. She’s acting exactly like a worry girlfriend instead of just a good friend.

38-6                          38-7

And a good friend, I don’t think will go to this extend without verifying things first. And someone just call.


Oh shite! No-Rae just calls, well at least this mean she alright, right?

38-9        38-10



I thought when she calls that she’s alright but she still ends up in the hospital. WTH! On a side note, I really love it when Seol-A gets angry especially if it is for No-Rae’s well being. And No-Rae, I know you don’t want Seol-A to worry but right now you need someone to take care of you.

38-13                             38-14


OMG! Look at my baby! She must suffers a lot. Ssamba, why?!

38-16            38-17

No-Rae, what you mean what she’s doing here? Of course, to see you. If you were in her position, I bet your ass that you will run like crazy to get to the hospital too.

38-18                        38-19

She’s not her guardian, unless you mean her guardian angel and her future wifey.



I think she should be hospitalize. I mean look at her, her injuries look so severe. Nurse, you may want to give her x-ray, MRI, cat scan or whatever other scans.

38-22                    38-23

What umbre- Ohh.


*Oh no, flashback.



Skip this if you don’t want to be traumatize.




My poor baby…



The umbrella…


If this scene were to have the same actions and hugging but with different context I will be fangirling so bad but right now my heart is just crying.


This is the first time that I see No-Rae so vulnerable and so helpless.

38-34              38-35


Those eyes, they look like they have a lot to tell but too scared.


And Seol-A looks like she is seeing this for the first time. She looks a bit startle with that expression.


38-39           38-40

I have a feeling that after this chapter, something is definitely going to change in the girls’ relationship. (Duh.)


The aftermath*


Last time, it was No-Rae who saved Seol-A from the pervert and she had the same facial expression. This time, even though Seol-A doesn’t really save No-Rae but it may as well count as it is, being there when No-Rae needs her the most, she also has the same expression.




Whose apartment are they in? They’re going to be together for the night? Omo.





This girl threatens a lot of people and she gets away with it too. And she knows exactly what to threaten others to make them succumb to her wishes. If she were to be a bully, I definitely don’t want to mess with her.

*End Flashback

39-9           39-10


Really? Seol-A seems okay. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. She’s still the caring girl that want to take care of you. Except…

39-12                    39-13


Except… a little less clingy than before.




Checking up on her the first thing in the morning and waking up so early too (or probably didn’t sleep at all yesterday night) for her baby girl, Seol-A has it bad. Love bug, I mean.

39-18                      39-19


I do kinda sense it now, something is definitely up with Seol-A.



Oh, she’s stress out because of what No-Rae did at the hospital? When No-Rae leans in for a hug? Or is it that you feel something when No-Rae makes contact with you? Always so many questions but so little answers.


No-Rae looks kinda cute with her hair tie up. She looks as cute as her nephew or is it niece?

39-24Damn! Ssamba, this traumatic event, please let it happens only once and there better be a good result out of this. Look at my baby suffering through all of these pain and suffering.



Before it was No-Rae who’s the silent ninja. Now is Seol-A’s turn. Can’t they just talk?


Shit! It’s the police. They come to arrest No-Rae and Seol-A for being so damn cute with each other. Nah, I’m kidding.


Oh, it’s Hye-Gyeong.

39-29          39-30

I understand why No-Rae can’t go to school but what is the reason for Seol-A?

39-31            39-32


No comment.

39-34                 39-35

All these flashbacks of when you guys are together. Are you starting to realize your feelings?



“Younger sister, my ass.” Oh my god. Do you finally realize your feelings for her? It takes you some thirty chapters, through life and death dramas, for you to finally know that what you feel about her is totally different on what you feel about others. It’s about damn time.



Can I consider this as a good sign that even though she realizes her feelings for No-Rae, she still didn’t run away?

39-40             39-41

That’s a low blow. Using food to bribe No-Rae. You know she can’t ever resist food, that’s her second weakness.


39-43         39-44

A little distance? A little hesitance? A little worry on what she may be feeling about you?

Wrap up

I thought the last three chapters were crazy: these three chapters are insane. First, there is No-Rae’s growing (has been confirm) feelings for Seol-A. Then, there is the near life and death experience (almost make me rip out my mouse because of the suspense). Last, our beauty queen finally starts to realize her feeling for the clumsy innocent child.

It all started out with chapter 37 with the girls in school finishing their school works and in between breaks they did a little self meditation of their lives, mainly No-Rae. She had this push and pull in whether she should be closer to Seol-A, in which her desires may grow. Or should she pull away and not suffer the backlash later on, when Seol-A would finally find herself a boyfriend. And before she could make up her mind in deciding what to do, the accident happened.

Chapter 38, Seol-A freaked out without really knowing what was going on with No-Rae. Then when she knew that No-Rae got into a hospital, without thinking, she rushed to see her. All of these actions were really not what a good friend would actually do unless the good friend had a crush on the other friend. Anyway, No-Rae was startle by the whole incident, looked completely out of it and even apologize for losing the umbrella. Although, that was what Seol-A interpreted as but to No-Rae that umbrella was the last thing that connected her to Seol-A. If she were to die in the accident, the umbrella would be the last thing that Seol-A gave to her and she wouldn’t want to lose something so important.

And then there was the eye contact realization thing that happened at the end of chapter that threw Seol-A into a loop, which she spent the next few days in a daze trying to figure out her feelings. In chapter 39, our Seol-A finally realized her feelings for No-Rae was not what she thought it would be, ‘as a younger sister’. And even after she knew about her feeling, she still kept in touch with No-Rae which I took it as a good sign. However, I wouldn’t know if Seol-A didn’t completely pull away because she felt bad for No-Rae because she was still healing from the accident or she couldn’t bear to be away from No-Rae.

Everything is moving along and stuffs are finally happening, although I wish there are better ways to show for Seol-A to realize her feeling without throwing No-Rae into an accident (literally), that’s kinda cliche and typical. Nevertheless, this accident may fast forward No-Rae into taking action and confess to Seol-A because she realizes time is precious. If she doesn’t confess now, she may not have a chance to confess at all (this can work both way for Seol-A too).

So let’s see who confesses to who’s first.


Author: Ssamba

Translator: Halmoni

Typeset: d.d.d and taeyeonlikesgirls

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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