Fluttering My Feelings (Part 12)

I think I’m living in hell right now because why else is it so freaking hot in here. There’s no other explanation. Whoever live in the East Coast will know exactly what I’m talking about. And you know the feeling you get when it’s too hot that you get agitate, annoy at dumb people or too tired to do anything, yeah, there won’t be any review today. Just kidding. There will be because I’m such a good asshole and I care about you guys, not that you guys care or anything. So FUCK YOU!!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. Remember? Too hot.

Let’s get started but before I start, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ssamba for blessing us with this great manhwa, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job in translating and uploading because without you guys, I wouldn’t know shit of what I’m reading and experience this awesomeness romance.

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Show your support by getting on Comico to read the latest release. I know the chapter gets lock after 3 days but during the 3 days time, at least go on there so Ssamba can get views. I also know right now the manhwa is being on hiatus but just hang on a little longer and don’t give up! It will continue again on August 17 and then we can be free!!!!

Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri manhwa? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!!




Oh yeah, the two Seols are going for a ‘walk’ in the neighborhood.


Is this kinda like a love between a city girl and a country girl? Lol that’s kinda cheesy.

34-5                       34-6


The fact that Seol-A notices this small gesture can be 1) she’s a detail oriented person 2) she looks at No-Rae’s butt. I will pick the latter.


Oh shit, young No-Rae looks super cute.


Actually all children are cute until they rip your ears apart from their crying. But no, No-Rae is cute.


Wow, straight to the point.

34-11             34-12

Is that so, indeed…


And that’s not very good. You have to face your problem to get to the solution, No-Rae. How are you going to get anywhere in life if you don’t.


I don’t know if this is consider as a curse or a blessing.


34-16         34-17

I can only imagine what will happen in the future if things don’t work out for the two of them, whether because of them or because of any outsiders, that No-Rae will run away from the problem. I can already tell that there will be a bunch of angst in the future.


He wants to give you hints & tips so you can win No-Rae’s heart back. It is a brother’s duty to see that his little sister able to be with the person that she loves.

34-19     34-20

Seol-A, you don’t even need to question about No-Rae’s feeling for you. For sure she cares about you, she just bumps her head for acting stupid around you.


Don’t look so down, everything will be alright.



She will…eventually. She just have to work out her feelings and stop being so stubborn and just confess and everyone will be happy.

34-24                34-25

Uh-oh, the girls are leaving, probably together. Things are going to get awkwardddd…

34-26             34-27


Is No-Rae’s mom, okay? Why do I find this conversation so weird? And are you feeling her up, Mama Kim? What’s with all the touching? ¬_¬

34-29      34-30

Seriously, is there something the family knows and I don’t. ‘I wonder…’, that statement is so suspicious. Omg, does the Kim family already know what’s up with the girls and the things that happen between them? 0_0

34-31                     34-32

34-33                         34-34

~Ahhh~ Seol-A is such a caring wifey. No-Rae, you lucky bish. And yet you want to push her way, shame on you.

34-35          34-36


~All the LOVE~  ♥


The next day*



Couldn’t sleep? Up all night thinking about your certain someone, hmm?



You know, right about now is definitely a good time to talk. You girls can talk about all the problems and no one can run away, unless you want to jump out from a moving car. Learning from No-Rae’s brother, I don’t think I can put this past her.


And instead of talking, she falls asleep. And why the hell does Seol-A not doing anything?

35-6 Oh now they talk. Take them forever.

35-7           35-8



What? That’s it? I swear to freaking god. Can these two just stop go around each other. First, Seol-A wants to talk, No-Rae doesn’t. Then when No-Rae finally talks, Seol-A doesn’t want to continue. What the hell are these two girls doing? Please don’t make me flip any more tables, I don’t have a lot left.

*End flashback

35-11                        35-12


Yeah, what’s with all the sighs. Cheer up will you. Things will turn- wait. Who’s behind her?


Don’t tell me FF has a side genre, that are supernatural and horror.


Okay… that looks like 2 pairs of legs. I assume the top is No-Rae’s, then who…


Holy cow!! We don’t even have hands holding yet and we already have lap sitting. And did you reallyyyy not notice her, No-rae? Reallyyyy?


OMG! I can’t breathe… Someone please give me paper bag. Not only do we have lap sitting, we have waist grabbing. OH. MY. GOD!!


And freaking whisper in the ear!!!!!




This scene. This scene needs to be frame and put on the wall.


Oh my god, what the hell just happen? We just have something good between the two girls, Ssamba should continue the scene. Why the hell do we have this guy again?


I know you’re trying to be nice, Seol-A. But this guy doesn’t deserve it. His heart is black, want me to take it out and show it to you. Black, I tell you.

35-24      35-25

You like her because she’s pretty. You like what she has on the outer appearance, you only like what you see. You didn’t take the time to get to know her. All those chances that you have to learn more about her, you didn’t. So don’t freaking go around and telling you like someone because you don’t even have the rights to.


Who’s narrating? Honest my ass.



0_0 Is he implying what I think he is implying? Really, dude? Even at this moment, you still just wanna bang her? I have no words.

35-29              35-30

~You so ugly when you cry. Please, just cut it out.~



Exactly, you don’t even know her. So stop. Stop playing around and actually find a girl that you like and I do mean ‘like’.


35-35         35-36


I guess the back-hug really did the trick. She’s finally come to terms with herself. She’s on the last stage, acceptance. This is good because we finally getting somewhere.



Well if you didn’t want to let go of her, hold on to her tighter then. Don’t make stupid mistakes and try to push her away again. You aren’t that lucky too many times.



Yes, because right now she’s your friend. Try your best to make her your girlfriend, okay? Good.



36-3       36-4

The Baek family. Damn, just looking at the layout of the house, they be having money yo. (And I like that butt pat Mama Baek.)

36-5        36-6

Ah, family love.


36-9      36-10

They fight, but in the end they still love each other. (Number one argument in all sibling arguments: food.)


A mysterious letter. Hmm…

36-12      36-13

Well that’s because No-Rae makes her a better person. Isn’t she lovely? She has become more happier. No boyfriends of her have ever been able to make her feel like this before.




What? Seol-A hangs picture of herself like that around the house? 0_o Is that normal?

36-16           36-17

I don’t think is a good idea to give it to No-Rae. She may have nose bleed all day just looking at the picture. (And is kinda weird hanging picture of your ‘friend’ in the house, especially when they’re wearing a swimming suit.)


Oh. Oh. So Seol-A takes all those food from home is to bring them back and feed No-Rae. Ahhh, Seol-A you sneaky ass.


No-Rae and food is another pairing that I ship. Food looks good with everyone.


Wait. Wait. Are we still talking about food here? Or… is this… something for adults to play…feels weird…glasses…fetish??


??? Color? What does color have- Color for different toys???


See, I knew it all along. This is usually what girls will do when they’re together. Yeah, nail painting. That.

36-23             36-24

This can be a good transition scene to… (People with dirty minds will know exactly what I’m talking about. Kids, stay away.)


She’s so close, she can almost eat all those fingers.

36-26             36-27

They should do this more often. Maybe they can paint toenails next time. But. Must. Wash. Feet. First.


Aww, No-Rae is leaving already. She should’ve stay the night, they can have a sleepover, without the drama beforehand.

36-29             36-30

Oh the letter, almost forgot. Ah, a wedding invitation. Joon-woo and Seo-young?


Hmm, interesting…


Uh-oh, more dramas coming our way.

Wrap Up

All you need to know for today’s review is that there is a back-hug, a waist-hug and a whisper in the ear. Nothing else matter. Thirty five chapters into the manhwa, we finally get something that is consider a ‘bit’, I mean just a ‘bit’ sexual and romantic. Things are finally moving along, albeit that it’s slow, we now have No-Rae accepting her feelings for Seol-A. All we need now is for Seol-A to realize her feelings and then the two girls can get together. Please lord, don’t let it takes too long, my patience is running thin. But then again, I’m a masochist, I like when scenes are drag out and I’m anxiously waiting for the girls to just do something.

Like in chapter 34, most of the chapter were consist of Seol-A and So-Seol(?). I was expecting to have some kind of dramatic scene where two girls would wake up in the morning and there would be some kind of interactions going on, but I didn’t get any. Instead I got a scene between Seol-A and the brother talking to each other, not all that exciting.

Character developments are good but can I have some sexual moments please. The desert is getting dry and I’m thirsty in here.

But Ssamba did listen and she answered to my prayer. Chapter 35 was like a cherry on top of a sundae. Beside the fact that No-Rae came to her senses and accepted that she had feelings for Seol-A, we also gotten our first touchy-romantic-fangirling scene between the two girls. Especially when Seol-A reached out to grab on to No-Rae and pulled her in, without much words Seol-A perfectly conveyed her wish and desire.

With Arc 1, ending on chapter 19, we have Seol-A and No-Rae step into the next level of their relationship. They resolve their misunderstandings and come to learn about each others. Then Arc 2, which ends on chapter 35, we move into another deeper level of the relationship and have No-Rae comes to accept her feelings. I expect that by the time we reach Arc 3, Seol-A will realize her feelings and confesses to No-Rae. Then with Arc 4, we’ll have all the lovely and cutesy moments of the two girls and just bask in the glory of love. (And Ssamba, if you want to throw in a bit angst, I don’t mind.)


Author: Ssamba

Translator: Halmoni

Typeset: Kyra and d.d.d

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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