Fluttering Feelings (Part 11)

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Today is Tuesday and we’re back to another Fluttering Feelings’ review. Today’s review is going to be for chapter 30-33 and it’s going to be a little calmer than the last two, thank goodness! I don’t think I can handle anymore stresses and heart attacks, I have enough of those in my life. Like, how I almost get poop on by one of those shitty birds. Or how I almost freaking trip and break my arm because I was trying to avoid on stepping shits. I have a lot of stories about shits but that is for another time. Today is going to be about No-Rae and Seol-A.

But before I start, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ssamba for blessing us with this great manhwa, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job in translating and uploading because without you guys, I wouldn’t know shit of what I’m reading and experience this awesomeness romance.

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Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri manhwa? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!!



The aftermath*


31-4               31-5

Much hangover, such pain, so headache.


This is what happen when you go out and drink with the creeper. Let this be a lesson that you don’t want to do it again.


Drunk Seol-A is really cute. ~LOVE~

31-8                  31-9

You are out of your mind but that’s not because of you acting clingy when you’re drunk. You are out of your mind for accepting the pervert’s request to go drinking. But that’s not my problem…



Uh-oh, shits are going to get intense and I have a feeling I don’t like it.


Yep, I’m not going to like it. Look at No-Rae’s expression, or should I say no expression. Sigh.



You are such a bad liar, No-Rae. You are mad. You’re mad at her and you’re mad at yourself.





Shit. Wow, No-Rae is really getting mad. Damn, this problem is more severe than I thought. And it is kinda because of you that Seol-A go out and get drunk. She’s an inch away from insanity if you continue to ignore her.






If I’m Seol-A, I will be angry too. No-Rae, why are you speaking in riddle? Why do you think Seol-A will know what you’re talking about?

31-24           31-25

Just tell her the damn problem already so it can get resolve!! All these freaking dramas for no apparent reasons!!


31-27 Okay… This girl.




(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) 


Don’t say that to her. Noooooo


This is like a breakup scene that I don’t want to see.



0_o This has happen before with the backstabber friend?

31-34                 31-35


You are horrible! You are such a horrible person! How can you hurt Seol-A like this?!

31-37                            31-38

Hee-Jin? No-Rae’s friend?



Oh and she’s calling her older brother too. What’s she up to?


31-42                31-43


Oh. Oh. Is she doing what I’m thinking on what she’s doing and thinking? Ooooohhh


Wow, this is an unexpected move. I did not see it coming. 0.0



So back to the road trip…



I have thought that after that crazy argument, the two girls will go their separate ways and it will be a while before they can be together again. Damn, I didn’t know Seol-A can be so persistent. Her love for No-Rae has no boundary.


32-6                      32-7

Another guy?



Oh shit, he looks like Kyung-woo with glasses. Is he Kyung-woo in disguise? 0_o



Ohhh, he’s No-Rae’s brother. Wow, does cuteness runs in the family?


So after the argument, No-Rae runs back to her hometown. So imatureeeee



And guess who chases after her?!



Yes, you’re correct. You’re not some husband chasing after his wife. You’re the wife chasing after your wife who is like a child, escaping from her problems instead of facing them. I will give you two thumb ups for being the adult here and doing the right thing. Because lord, I will really flip some tables if your relationship just ended like that.


32-18    32-19

There’s a face on that bag… -.-

Years of reading manga tell me that this halmoni’s appearance is not just a coincidence. That’s she must be a fairy godmother in disguise to help our princess Seol-A to find her true love, princess No-Rae.


Doing good things will give you good endings based on fairy tale moral.


32-22            32-23

If No-Rae is Pinocchio, her nose will be at least 3 feet long. Lies, lies, lies.

32-244 feet long.


32-26                    32-27

This sound like the ‘The Road Not Taken’. You definitely on the right track No-Rae.


32-29         32-30


Yes, please talk some senses into this girl because everyone knows that she needs it, after what she said to my lovely Seol-A.




Wow, that look like the younger boy version of No-Rae. Friend is here? Who can it possibly be?








33-3                      33-4

If this halmoni isn’t such a godsend, she will be one of the very annoying and nosy old people that you experience in your life. Really? All these questions?



Yes, just drag a random stranger to some person’s house. That’s not weird at all. Old people are also gullible. Nope, nothing against old people just pointing out the facts.

33-7             33-8


Momma Kim? Are we finally seeing No-Rae’s mom?

33-10                        33-11


That’s No-Rae’s mom? Where is the difference? None! She freaking look like a twin version of No-Rae! Do all the moms not age in this manhwa?

*End flashback


33-14        33-15

Look like Seol-A fits right in. I mean even No-Rae’s mom is fond of this future daughter-in-law.

33-16                33-17

So-Seol? Really? That’s his name?



You sure are enjoying yourself, Seol-A. But do you want to take a look at No-Rae’s face?


In my dictionary, that look is called a  glare.



No-Rae is probably thinking that this girl doesn’t learn, that she’ll drink anything people give her and she doesn’t put a limit on herself when she drinks.



The whole chapter, I’m just waiting for this scene where No-Rae and Seol-A are together and alone. This is going to be either a make or a break for the two… I think. I never know what Ssamba is up to.




33-29                    33-30

Yes, please talk. No-Rae just tell her what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling. The worst she can say is no (but please pray to the lord that she won’t say no) and you can move on.


Reckless? Yes. But admirable. You fight for what you want, girl.


Experienced it before? With the girl Yu-Ji? Why so much reference to the past?

33-33                  33-34

Of course she was not serious. How can No-Rae ever be sick of seeing you, Seol-A. It’s because she wants to see you all the times that why she’s acting like this.






Sigh. I have no words, actually. I’m done. I. Am. Done.



You don’t tell her what you’re thinking but you’re losing sleep over it, what’s the point?

Whatever, the next morning.


33-41          33-42

I imagine this is what it looks like a couple years later for No-Rae and Seol-A’s love life. If they get together and stop playing ‘Tag! You’re it!’.



Oh, the talk. I always like the talk. The ‘talk’ is actually when shits get done and things get going.

Wrap Up

If you can get through the last three chapters then you can definitely get through these 3 chapters. Today’s review is a little more calm and relaxing except for the fact that it’s not. I’m talking about the girls’ feelings and their emotions. Mines are not any better, especially when No-Rae pushes Seol-A away. I mean like, come on!! I don’t know how many times I have to roll my eyes or sigh every time No-Rae makes a stupid moves. She makes a lot of stupid moves here but my love for her outweighs her stupidly so I let her go. But no more, No-Rae. You can’t push away your girl like that.

The perfect example started in chapter 31, after the night of drama. Seol-A started the conversation with No-Rae and apologized for the events of last night. Instead of accepting it, No-Rae gave a cold shoulder and acted a bit rude to Seol-A. Seol-A, who didn’t have any idea what the other girl was going through, was just perplex the whole time in trying to figure out what she had done wrong for her to get this treatment. Really, if No-Rae had just confess then the problem would get fix but of course that wouldn’t be good of a drama for the story. So No-Rae talked in riddle, Seol-A got lost in a maze and the two just came out confuse.

Then of course after the fight, No-Rae went back to her hometown, to escape her problems or just seek some advice from her brother, I wouldn’t know, but Seol-A without thinking followed her. This action could sum up on how important No-Rae was in Seol-A’s heart. Another thing that was reveal during these dramas were that Seol-A really didn’t know what love was. If she had known, she wouldn’t go through all these and still not realized her feelings for No-Rae.

In the end, I’m glad that No-Rae go ahead and return home because Seol-A follows her and gets to meet her family. This is one significant step in moving their relationship forward. Toward the end of chapter 33, No-Rae’s brother, So-Seol, wants to talk to Seol-A, he’s perceptive of the interactions the two girls have during dinner. I hope that with the talk, Seol-A will get enlighten by him and maybe she can learn some secrets about No-Rae and hopefully able to patch things up with No-Rae. Hopefully.


Author: Ssamba

Translator: Halmoni

Typeset: Anonymous and Cold

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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