Fluttering My Feelings (Part 7)

Welcome to another Tuesday’s post, this is Pink Elephant and I’m you host, Eggy!! Today’s review is going to be for chapter 19-21. Please go back to my previous posts for old reviews on older chapters.

Before I start, I will like to pay tributes and give credits where they are due. First off, thank you Ssamba for blessing us with this great manhwa, which I’m sure we’ll spend countless of hours reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators and staffs for doing an awesome job in translating and uploading because without you guys, I wouldn’t know shit of what I’m reading and experience this awesomeness romance.

Here is the link to the Facebook Page on Fluttering Feelings: https://www.facebook.com/FlutteringFeelings

Also, go on Comico to support Ssamba so she can get more views on the manhwa. I know the chapter gets lock after 3 days but during the 3 days time, at least go on there to show support. You don’t need to understand Korean, you can just look at the artworks. They are as amazing as the story line.

Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri manhwa? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!!


So after the romantic/creepy sneak-a-look at No-Rae while she’s sleeping, Seol-A wakes up the next day.


19-3                19-4

Wasn’t yesterday you were still being awkward around No-Rae? Just a night of sleep, you’re being clingy again. Seol-A must did a lot of thinking throughout the night.



I don’t even know if this funny anymore. He’s literally everywhere.


Is this a good scene to kiss? I think so.



Woah!? Seol-A, I know you’ve been in love but this is a little unexpected. You- you should have give me some signals. This-this… I need air. I need to breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Okay, I’m ready.


ಠ_ಠ Wait. In love with everything? Does that include No-Rae? So is this a confession or not? All the build-up for nothing.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


No-Rae has the same feeling as me. Don’t let her smile fool you. Inside, she’s secretly cursing. Smile through the pain, smile through the pain.


We’re the only one herethe only ones in the world. Seol-A is in love with everything around her and the only thing around her is No-Rae. So Seol-A is in love with No-Rae. Yay!! Nice save No-Rae.

This is happy news! They should celebrate for this break through in their relationship.




Hye-Gyeong, cut them some slack. It’s a celebration for their love, they can’t invite you.


19-17               19-18


A memory they will never forget.


Chapter 20. The trip ends and girls are now back in the city.


20-3              20-4

No-Rae and Hee-Jin are just chilling around and playing some pool together, although No-Rae sucks at it but we’re going to let it slides.


So Hee-Jin is an awesome design student and now she’s working part time at some kind of gallery. This upcoming Sunday, tomorrow, there is an exhibition and she just coincidentally has two tickets to give to No-Rae. Hell yeah! This is an great opportunity for No-Rae to ask Seol-A out on a date.

20-6               20-7

She better asks Seol-A.

20-8            20-9

While No-Rae is chilling with her friend playing pool, Seol-A is chilling with her friend drinking beer.


And then the boys come and ruin the mood. Sigh.

20-11             20-12

She’ll never like you. You can stop trying.

20-13                     20-14



Girrrl, if you don’t want to go then don’t go. Beside you have a date with No-Rae this Sunday. I know she didn’t ask you yet but she will and you will say yes.


20-18         20-19

No-Rae have two tickets to the preview of some kind of movies and she invites Seol-A along. Truthfully Seol-A is tired and that’s why she left the party early but we all know that Seol-A will do anything for her girl.



Truthfully she is tired but truthfully she can’t resist No-Rae.

20-22             20-23

And off they go on their movie date. And guessss what they’re watching? Hehe

20-24                    20-25

I will have never guess that No-Rae is interesting in something like this. Ssamba just keeps surprising me left and right. I wonder how No-Rae is going to be in bed? Nudge* Nudge* Wink* Wink*


You’re sure it wasn’t to your taste, Seol-A? Or does it needs a change of character for you to be interest then? Hmm…



20-28  20-29 20-30

Yes!! And Seol-A even teases her about it. Yes!!


This is totally a different reaction than when she receives the text from the guy.


20-34        20-35

20-36      20-37

Yeah… it’s called love.


A brand new date day.


No-Rae is ready to go on date, so of course she has to look her best.


And look at that beautiful smile. All the love in the world.


Although, she looks kinda old in this pic but anywayyyy



If No-Rae puts a little effort to look nice, Seol-A put a shit ton of efforts to look dazzling. Sorry, Seol-A always looks nice but holy cow. She’s look extraordinary today.



Even No-Rae gets startle by the amount of beauty on her face.


I know, No-Rae. And she does all these just for you.

               21-10            21-11


And remember children, wherever Seol-A goes there are always creepy guys in the follow.


Can we have one scene where Seol-A doesn’t at least get eye-molest?


Can we have at leas-

Well, ummmm. He shouldn’t look anyway. Those are some nice legs. I say it in an artistic way.

    21-15    21-16   21-17

No-Rae to the rescue again. Do we have scene like this just so No-Rae can come out and save Seol-A.


I mean it’s not just me, even No-Rae can’t help but look.


And she got caught too, tsk tsk.


Hahaha. This girl has no shame.

                  21-21                 21-22



                21-25              21-26

Sheesh, No-Rae. You even know the smell of her shampoo. You’re such a creeper.



        21-29    21-30


I love all relationship No-Rae has with her friends. So cute and so close.

           21-32       21-33



Oh shit! Is this another confession that is about to comes? Ahhh!! Fangirlingggg




Gurl, you’re in troubleee.


You know who is going to sleep on the sofa tonight? Telling Seol-A that other girls are pretty in front of Seol-A’s face? That’s a no-no.


With the previous chapters filled with angst and drama, I had expect chapter 19 to be the same, sad and gloomy. Boy, am I wrong. Not only does chapter 19 doesn’t have any drama, the girls come to a realization or understanding of each other and their relationship. And what follow after chapter 19, are just chapters fill with cuteness and loving moments between the girls, bringing them one step closer to each other.

Chapter 19 opened up with Seol-A waking up, just in time to catch No-Rae heading out. If it was the Seol-A of yesterday, she would had pretend to still be sleeping and sneaking look at No-Rae. But just after a night of sleep, I guess she thought things through, Seol-A surprisingly volunteered to go with No-Rae. The two headed out to the beach and enjoyed the morning scenery with each other. Even though, there wasn’t much to be say, somehow I felt like both the girls arrived to an understanding. And then the chapter ended with a photograph of the two, this could symbolize that the girls had reach a new level in their relationship and they overcame their first obstacle in their relationship.

The following two chapters were just cute chapters filled with No-Rae and Seol-A hanging out and learning more about each other. The more they learned about each other the more they realized that the other was not what she thought would be. Like how there was never in a million chance, that I or even Seol-A for the matter, would guess that No-Rae was a pervert. With her innocent and child-like thinking, I would have expect No-Rae to be shy about these kind of things and Seol-A would be the open one. Nope.

We also learned that Seol-A was a narcissist, having no shame in admiring her own leg, although I had to admit she had nice looking legs. I would think that with her being so popular and having everything that every girls wanted in their lives, she would at least be a bit humble. Nope.

There isn’t any progress in the story line for these chapters but we get to at least enjoy these little cute moments. I have a gut feeling that in the next few chapters to come, there are going to be some crazy shit happening again that will try to split up the girls. Gosh, hope there are no boys coming into the picture.


This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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