~We Will Meet Again~

Oh. My. God. I’m finally back on Friday’s post but don’t be too happy yet (not that you are). This is my last Friday’s post until further notice.

For all of you who don’t know, I’m Eggy and this is my blog, Pink Elephant.

I used to be able to upload 2 posts in a week and write about a lot of useless and offensive shits. However, lately I’ve been going through a lot of stuffs. I don’t know…. about life, work, love and lemons. So, for me to keep posting 2 times out of a week is going to be stressful. That’s why I decided to opt out on Friday and just put all my energy on Tuesday, giving all my love to Fluttering Feelings. Cause that’s my shit!

The pause is indefinite but I truly hope I can find what I’m looking for (whatever that is). However, if there are times that I feel like I need to share something or I just have time to spare, I’ll post something.

Thank you for your time and your support. You know, I feel like I’m writing my final goodbye and I’m leaving for good. I’m not! Not that any of you care anyway.

There was a moment that I was struggling in deciding if I should post the reason of me backing out or should I just slowly fade out and hoped you guys could catch on. I decided I choose the first option because it was rude to disappear just like that. No matter how much of an asshole I am, I should leave at least something behind to explain myself, so I did.

Sorry if this is not much of a post (because it’s not). Thank you for the support and I’ll be back on Tuesday. Holla!


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