Fluttering My Feelings (Part 2)

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A week has quickly pass us and we’re back to Tuesday. You know what that mean, I will be doing my fangirling on this awesome manhwa, Fluttering Feelings. Click back on part 1 if you want to know the recap for Chapter 1-3. Today we’re going to continue on the beautiful of Seol-A and No-Rae’s relationship of Chapter 4-6.

Before I start, I will like to pay tribute and give credit where it is due. First off, thank you Ssamba for blessing us with this great manhwa, which I’m sure we will spend countless of time reading and fangirling over the 2 characters. I also want to thank the translators for doing an awesome job in translating because without you guys, I wouldn’t know shit of what I’m reading.

Here is the link to the Facebook Page on Fluttering Feelings: https://www.facebook.com/FlutteringFeelings

Okay, let’s get started.

Oh, did I mention that this is a yuri manhwa? Well, it is.

Spoiler Alert!!

chapter 4

So after all the shenanigans the ex brings to the story and how No-Rae beats the shit out him, we have the aftermath. The scene starts off with the two girls walking out of the police station, probably to give witness statements and file charge against the psycho. No-Rae then gives us a quick flashback on what happen after the hit.

Well, what do you know; there are a bunch of coincidences that happen again in the chapter. The unlock door, the baseball bat and No-Rae’s sixth sense of feeling that something is going to happen. No-Rae definitely earns extra brownie points for saving Seol-A.

unlock door         bat       norae's awesome sixth sense

Even though, Seol-A is now safe and everything turns out to be okay, she still looks stress and depress. She keeps on saying sorry to No-Rae. No-Rae, finally getting sick and tired of Seol-A saying sorry, tell her to shut up and just tell her to thank her instead. (Okay, fine, No-Rae will never tell Seol-A to shut up.)

how about a sexy time

That’s right, Seol-A. Instead of keep saying sorry, how about a thank you gift…in the bedroom…just you two…with sexy lingerie?


But even that doesn’t cheer up Seol-A. She is like a gloomy gloom of all gloom.


It’s like she just found out that unicorns don’t exist. (It’s because they don’t!!)

But you know, Seol-A tries. She tries to put up a strong front and told No-Rae not to worry about her and that she will be fine but clearly she’s not.

ooh protective

No-Rae will be then like, ‘Bish, chill. I can handle myself. I’m you knight in shining armor, I can protect myself and I can protect you.’

bish please


However, the whole point of all this happening is to lead us to this moment.

heyy girl, wanna come over

In No-Rae’s effort to calm Seol-A down, she suggests that maybe the goddess stays at her parent’s place for the night instead of going back to her apartment, of course Seol-A disagrees. No-Rae then suggests that maybe Seol-A can stay at her friends’ place but you know Seol-A doesn’t have any friends. Thennnnn, No-Rae suggests that Seol-A maybe can stay at her place (should’ve ask this question in the first place!).

i'm going to eat you up mwhhahaha


sitting on a bed, huh

(On a side note, these two girls must come from a rich family if not at least high middle class. Renting in Seoul is not cheap and the deposit for the apartment is crazily expensive. I heard it can be crazily as $40,000 in deposit, although monthly rent can be cheaper but still!)

After a crazy night with the psycho, the girls finally get to wind down and enjoy a cute little romantic moment together. It’s a good atmosphere as they eat cup noodles and talk to each other.

um...no         make out time       make out time x2

bae caught me sleepin

The chapter ends with Seol-A falling asleep thanking No-Rae for her help and you know she probably going to dream about her that night.

chapter 5

sniff sniff            rub rub              breakfast is ready, babe

It’s the next morning after a good night of sleep, Seol-A seems to be in a much better mood. She makes breakfast for No-Rae, just what a lovely married couple will do for each other in the morning.

yummy breakfast              ron weasley

From No-Rae’s excitement, it probably been a while seen she has homemade food for breakfast or breakfast. She chowing down the foods like a mad lady and Seol-A just enjoying the view and the time spend together with No-Rae. I mean, look at this face and tell me that not an ‘I’m in love but I don’t realize it yet’?

seola totally inlove

After a nice and hearty breakfast, Seol-A returns back to her apartment. She immediately get nervous when she see the blood puddle and quickly cleans it up. Fortunately, her nervousness doesn’t last long as No-Rae quickly cheers her up with her caring words and she even makes Seol-A giggles, with just saying ‘fighting’. The last time someone made me chuckle by saying ‘lol’ was my crush from high school but even then I was more smiling than chuckling. Oooh, Seol-A you got it bad.


that's nasty

swifter clean

bae being caring

i love you too

you got it bad, seola

But good thing must comes to an end, we can’t always have scenes with the girls. We have to delve into other character, such as the dude. 😦


in the bar

rumor, rumor everywhere

Anyway, he and his sunbae go out to a bar and have a nice little conversation about their lives. The whole point of this scene is just for the dude to know about Seol-A’s incident and that’s that. Oh, and character development.

chapter 6

So something as big as Seol-A getting hurt and the police comes to investigate, rumors are bound to fly everywhere. The scene opens with Hye-Gyeong excitedly wanting to share the latest and popular rumor that is going around on the campus (and the neighborhood).


she already knows hye-gyeongApparently, the rumor going around is that Seol-A is the one that cheated on her ex and it backfires on her. Look at No-Rae’s face. What is this bish talking about?

she didn't cheat, it's the psycho

you tell her!!

Yeah!! Defend you girl, No-Rae!!

seola didn't cheat

norae defending seola


This is the one thing that gets a lot of high school teenagers and even college students. The pressure of being in and popular but once you get popular, you not only attracting people but drama as well. For the first time, No-Rae understands how it is to be like Seol-A and she seems quite upset about it.

don't be sad

hye-geong wondering face...

Seol-A really must be having a hard time dealing with all of these negativity.

seola flirty

Oookay, nevermind. She seems fine. (Or pretend to be, maybe?)

seola smiles

This doesn’t look like a girl that has gone through a traumatic experience yesterday.

Anyway, the girls then proceed to talk about classes and No-Rae’s poor existence grades and that she has to repeat several classes. Poor baby. But no worry, Seol-A is here to help.

norae bad grades

seola is so smart


OMG! They’re so cute together!!!


norae you got to graduated early, i want to see graduation picture with you and seola

cheer up


Seol-A, you’re not that mature either. Look at what happen in the last two chapters. *shade*

a date with a lamp on the side

The girls then all went out for lunch at the cafeteria, enjoying time together. Their happy bubble almost burst because of some boys.

no you shouldn't talk to her

good boy

Good boy.

because i'm happy

Of course she’s happy. She’s with No-Rae, her soulmate, her destiny, how can she not?

Anyway, the girls do some bonding and No-Rae even pulls a prank. Oh this girl, who knew she has it in her?

super confused

laughing like a mad woman

Yeah, me neither. I actually don’t know what my reaction will be if No-Rae has a child. Actually, I don’t think it will be all that bad. Seol-A and No-Rae can raise the child together and be one happy family. If Ssamba has gone down this route, this manhwa will be even more original and interesting. But that’s okay, Seol-A and No-Rae can make baby later on.

But yeah, No-Rae always full of surprises. This girl is like a rainbow cake, so many layers, so many colors and so gay.

yes she does

Yes, she does!

carefree kid, not really

such seriousness

oh shit

forget about the guy, you have seola

And for Hye-Gyeong to say that, that make everything so much more serious and deeper in No-Rae’s feelings for Seol-A. In this scene, we also get a glimpse of No-Rae’s past and her past failed relationship?

And thennn the chapter has to end with the dude again.

the dude

Oh shit, what does he wants with Seol-A?


So after the surprise that I got from chapter 3, I really started to pay attention to this manhwa. I have to say, shit is getting real now. The story is progressing at a good rate, the tensions and dramas that are starting to build up make this manhwa starting to have more depths.

Starting from chapter 3, after the incident, Seol-A looked really depress and afraid. However, it didn’t look like she was scare of the incident, maybe in the beginning she was but from her interactions with No-Rae, it also seemed like she was embarrass with whole thing. Of course, she felt bad for putting No-Rae through such an ordeal; however, I had a feeling that was not what Seol-A was apologizing for. And the fact that Seol-A and No-Rae just became friend and something like this happened, I wouldn’t be surprise that Seol-A was also gloomy because maybe a part of her believed that her friendship with No-Rae could be ruin because of what happen.

Seol-A also seemed to be in control of a lot of things, of what we seen so far, the ways she handled herself and the crowd. Then all of the sudden, she lost that control and then to be vulnerable in front of her new-made friend, she didn’t know what No-Rae would think of her. Seol-A might not show it but she seemed to be the person that really cared about what others think of her image.

As for No-Rae, so far we had seen her as a carefree, klutzy college student but that was only her façade. No-Rae reminded me of the type of character that seemed carefree and indifference on the outside but inside she would be the one that cared the most. From the incident, I could tell that she was brave but reckless and also because of this incident No-Rae realized on how much Seol-A carried around with her because of her popularity. If they weren’t friend, would No-Rae believe the rumors? She probably would.

And the dude, Ji-Hwan, he got a name, a face and appeared so early on in the manhwa, he definitely going to play some major role in the progression of the story. As of what role he played, the good guy or the bad guy, we would later find out.

All in all, I like how these three chapters set up the tone of the story, that things are not what they seem to be. This manhwa can be a fluffy and cheesy story but it also can be deep and emotional. Like, Seol-A is mature but naïve; No-Rae is carefree but sentimental.


This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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