Questions, questions, questions…

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I realize last topic is a little heavy and somber. I was jolly and happy before I start reading it and I end up crawling into a ball and cry my eyes out after I finish reading the post. No, I’m kidding. Shit is not that crazy and I’m not going to be talking about my broken heart today so you guys can relax. It has been a while since I talk about any LGBT topics, I decide that I’ll talk about ‘the shits that we gays get ask by straight people’ problem today.

Before I start I need to post this or the internet ninjas are going to come out and cut me.

Disclaimer: I am an Asian American, so English is not my first language. If you see some grammar mistakes and spelling errors, don’t complain. Bish, I already told you I’m half Asian. Also, anything and everything I say or imply is based on my opinion and should not be taken seriously. (If you have your own opinion, good for you, but don’t bash on others just because they’re different from yours. Be nice. )

Almost every gays will come across one or two ignorant straight people who will ask them questions that the gays deem to be stupid. The word ‘ignorant’ here is not mean to be use as a derogatory term, it is used as exactly what it’s define as; lacking knowledge, awareness and information. Sometimes, there are stupid assholes that ask stupid questions that they know are stupid but they ask anyway because they are assholes and are stupid. However, there are times; I do think that there are straight people out there that ask ‘stupid’ questions because they’re curious and unknown to the subject and they may not know they may have offended you with their questions. Those people can be forgiven. Not the assholes, they should be burn!


So I have a list of questions that I categorize in what I think questions that can be forgiven and questions that I think are really just dumb. Starting from the ones that can be forgiven to the ones that you just want to punch the person who ask such stupid things. By the way, THIS IS BASED ON MY OPINION.

When did you become gay?

The most popular question that straight people ask when you first come out to them and the one question that they never quite understand on why you get so upset when they ask it. A lot of gays are up in arms about this questions because the word ‘become’ implies that they choose to be gay. We gays didn’t choose to be anything but ourselves. We are born gay. If anything, if we have the ability to choose, almost everyone will want to be straight to avoid all the dramas and pains.

If you haven’t tried (the opposite sex) then how you know you don’t like them?

This one I can understand because straight people can’t comprehend on the fact that you can dislike something by not trying it. In fact, straight people remind of me Moms. When you are young, what is one of the things your mom used to say to you to convince you to try something? ‘If you don’t try it how do you know you don’t like it? Here, eat some carrots. You’ll like it.’ Now I understand. It’s the Moms that brainwash all the straight people in asking that questions. Damn it, moms.

So the girl you’re with, is she your girlfriend?

This question may sound innocent and it probably is if not for the fact that it gets ask 20 million times, all the while I’m with the same gender friend. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s my girlfriend. And also because he’s a guy doesn’t mean he’s your boyfriend. If this theory is true then you must be a whore because you have different guys everyday. That usually shuts them up really fast.

Who is the man in the relationship? 

The one that always litters clothes on the floor, doesn’t wash the dishes after eating, doesn’t make the bed in the morning, the one constantly farting. Oh sorry, what? We’re not generalizing? I thought we are since you ask that stupid question. We don’t need to have a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ to make a relationship legitimize. The heterosexuals thinking, that one always has to be more masculine and the other has to be feminine. There are certain lesbian or gay couples that are like that but being in a relationship is not about who is on top and who is bottom. However, I do think that one person should be a little more dominant and the other should be a bit submissive and the roles are interchangeable, this is to balance things out. This does not mean dominant equals masculine.

You know I’m straight, right? 

Okayyyy. What’s your point? Why do people assume just because you are attracted to the same sex and they happen to the sex you attracted to, they think you’ll hit on them. Have you look in the mirror lately? Nah, even if I have to date a guy I wouldn’t date you.

How do you have sex?

Why does this question always pops up and why is it always such a mystery on how gays have sex. Really? You don’t know? You can’t even imagine two people with the same gender having sex? Go watch some porns you fucking pervert.

You want a threesome?

Yes! I always want a threesome. It’s going to be so much fun, especially when you’re not invited. Bye.

You look so pretty, so why are you gay?

This question. I-I, what? Stop.

There are a lot more questions like these out there but of course I won’t be able to name them all and I don’t want to kill my brain cells trying to answer them. So straight, please use your brain next time when you open your mouth to ask someone a question. And gay, be a little more tolerable and try not to think that every questions are meant to hurt you. You both will sleep better this way.

That’s it for today, leave a comment below if you feel like you want to share your thoughts or whatever. Thank youuuuu. XD


One thought on “Questions, questions, questions…

  1. I was “out” at 17 and messing with boys during high school. In the druggie years, late 70’s I had sex with several women and almost married one. Far East or near, we’re pretty much all the same queer.


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