Shut up, shut up, shut uuup!!!

Today’s topic was supposed to be about cleavage. Everything is good about it and nothing hurts, however, an anon posted a comment about my grammars and I could not pass up the chance of not talking about it. Oh man, I was waiting for someone to say something and finally someone did!

Before I even get started on my topic, I need to put this up.

Disclaimer: I am an Asian American, so English is not my first language. If you see some grammar mistakes and spelling errors, don’t complain. Bish, I already told you I’m half Asian. Also, anything and everything I say or imply is based on my opinion and should not be taken seriously. As a matter of fact, do not ever get serious on what I say, you have been warned.

Once upon a time, if you have a good memory, this disclaimer did appear onto my blog. I had post this on my first couple posts before I got lazy and forgetful. I thought everything was fine and I don’t need to post this on every single post but bishes don’t be reading y’all. And just as I suspected, I got a comment about how sucky my grammars are. I was counting down the time to see who would criticize on my English, lo and behold, it don’t take long for it to happen.

Anon, who made that comment, don’t be mistaken that I’m coming after you (although I should be because you hurt my feeling). I’m very sensitive, everything hurts me, even the words ‘excuse me’. It make me feel like I’m in someones way and I have to move for them to pass. I feel like I’m being toss away. I cry whenever someone say excuse me to me. Your comment feel like someone has stab me in my heart with a knife and twist it on every breath I take. Very horrible.

Anyway, today’s topic is not about you, anon. I’m just using you as a starter for my topic to show how today’s generation teenagers or young people who act like you. Don’t be fucking be paying attention! Sorry, I didn’t mean to curse and yell. I’m a spiteful person, I can’t let go of my hatred and anger.

angry dwight gif

That’s what the younger generation is right now. Little things can set them off and they only pay attention to what they think is important and voice their opinion only on parts that are good for them and ignore everything else. I just experienced this last weekend while I was talking to this little girl. I call her little because she’s younger than me, not because she’s smaller than me. She’s only 14 but she towers over me by a foot. I totally lost all my cool when I talk to her. I have to lift up my neck up when I talk to her; I think I may have broken my neck.

Me: You know I don’t think smoking is good for you. Have you read those researches and finding, scientists say smoking is harmful to your body.

Her: Oh, I don’t believe in science.



Me: Well, they said the side effect of smoking is really bad, like it causes bad breath.

Her: You get bad breath when you wake up in the morning. And who the hell tell you to smell someone’s breath?

Me: Smoking can also cause you to age faster.

Her: You know what can also make you age faster? Stress. Do you know how much stress I have from going to school? Like taking tests, doing homework, staying with the crowd. I don’t see people say stop going to school?

Me: How can you compare smoking to going to school? Smoking is bad for you, it can kill you. You’ll have lung cancer, you’ll die!

Her: Everyone dies eventually. You’ll die, I’ll die. What is your point exactly?

Me: Don’t you think you’re wasting money on buying cigarettes?!

Her: Don’t you think you’re wasting money buying make-up?

Me: Make-up is a necessity.

Her: So is smoking.

Me: But you don’t understand!

Her: I don’t think your face understands.

Me: What about my face?! Is there wrinkles?! Tell me!

Her: Girl, calm down. Scrunch your nose… yeah there’s wrinkles.

Me: Noo. Do you have a mir- wait, wait. We’re talking about your smoking habit not about my face.

Her: We are? Well, you still have wrinkles.

Me: No I don’t.

Her: No wonder you don’t have any girls. You’re old, grandma.

Me: Shut up! Shut up! Shut uuup! I don’t!

Shut up gif

Never try to argue with a teenager, you will always lose. The result was I ended up in a bathroom crying for 3 hours. They will only hear and see things they want to believe in. If you’re a kpop fan, you will definitely experience this. If you don’t know what kpop is then it’s better that you don’t. It’s a very dark world, an unseeable abyss that sucks your soul out if you get too close. You will not have your life, friends or money by the time you come out on the other end, if you can come out that is.

Damn, I waste the whole post talking about nothing again. Today’s topic was really suppose to be about boobs and cleavage as I did say I will talk about something wild in my previous post. Boobs are pretty wild, I mean in all my lifetime I can only juggle two boobs on my hands at once, can’t handle anymore than that. But I blame anon for getting me side-track, I have a schedule and now all my schedules is all mess up. Damn it, anoooooonnnn! Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!

I need to go to sleep. Nobody comment about grammars anymore or there won’t be a boob post next post.

But if you want to comment on how awesome I am, you can. XD

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.



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