Where to Find Your Lesbian Partner? (kind of)

TGIF, bishes!

Welcome to another Friday’s post from Pink Elephant, I’m your host, Eggy.

In my previous post, I had mention about the preparation I needed for my date (even though I don’t have one yet, but I will soon). That got me thinking, why am I putting so much effort and time on this one girl?

And I know what some of you guys are thinking.

Well duh, you guys are not even talking to each other. You’re wasting your time on thing that probably doesn’t have an outcome. The moment she stopped talking to you is the moment you’re wasting your time by thinking about her.

All these times you spend thinking about her, does that gives you a higher chance of her replying back to your message?

All the suffering you’re going through, will there be a future for you two?

Sheesh, that is depressing.

But you shouldn’t really be asking these questions. Her talking to me is just a matter of time, so I’m not wasting my effort.

Are you that confident?

Hell yeah! If I don’t believe in myself, who else is going to believe in me?

Anyway, the most important question that needs to ask, is she the right lesbian for me? Time will only be wasted if she’s not the right lesbian partner for me. That’s a major thing.

Well, luckily for me, I found a list that I can check to see if she is the right lesbian partner for me. I don’t want to spend all the time and money and find out later on that I got the wrong lesbian. My mantra, wikihow, blessed me with another list of checking for the right partner.

Starting with,

Look in the right place

Check. I definitely did. I look in a place where the most Asian Gays hang out, the internet, actually, that where all the Asians live. I will really think is my lucky day if I ever come across an Asian Gay in real life. They’re as rare as a gay unicorn shooting rainbow out of its ass. Seriously, where do I even start looking for my lesbian partner if it’s not the internet? (No, don’t answer that question.)

No, that’s not what wiki is saying. It said go to places that you enjoy and maybe you’ll find someone there you like. But that doesn’t mean the person will like you back. In fact, the chances are higher of you falling in love with a straight person than finding a gay lover. This is fucking life; you’re not living in a movie. And I know you can always go to places that are market toward gays and lesbians but usually in those places I can’t find the person that I like.

Maybe, each of the gays should wear an alarm or something. So when another gays are near by the alarm will go off. That will be awesome.

thumb up chuck norris gifChuck Norris approves.

Join the LGBT community in real life

You’ll definitely meet a lot of other gays if you join one but what if you’re not out or live in a town that doesn’t have a gay community. If this is the case, you can proceed to the third tip.

Join the LGBT community in fake life (online)

If you’re not out to your family or friends yet, online is your option to find out about other gays while staying anonymous, like me. If the reason she’s not replying to my message because I don’t have a picture online, one; she’s cautious or two; she’s stupid. I mentioned in my catfish post, having picture or not having picture does not matter. If I’m out to trick you, I’ll find a way. Wait, I can’t call her stupid because that would make me seem like I’m a spiteful person, I’m not. She’s just not smart enough.

Sign up for online dating

Check. I did that but look where it leads me, nowhere.

Go on blind dating

I never try blind dating, is it something where you have to blindfolded yourself and walk in a room and get to know your date without knowing what they look like? Wait, that’s dating in the dark, minus the blindfold. I watched that show, that’s a… not smart enough show. I have my opinion for this but it’s for another time. Anyway, I like blind dating but I don’t think I’m brave enough to join one. I feel like I’ll be the jerk, the one that walks out of the date because the other person looks ugly. Yeah, I am that shallow.

Make other gay friends

No shit, Sherlock. Of course I know I have to make other gay friends to know if my gay friend  is good enough of a friend for me than my other gay friends. But I know that you do need to know a lot of other people so you can compare them to see which one is better and to open yourself up for more chances. But one thing in the LGBT community, the circle of friends are small. If you date one person, you probably date them all because she’s probably the ex of the previous of the ex of your ex. So confusing.

Alice is confusing gif

So after I went through this list, I realized I got the wrong list. This is not the list that tells me if she is the right person for me. It just tells me where to find my right girl. Is there a wrong place to find your right girl? I don’t know. Like the saying, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. I learned something today. I really shouldn’t put all my time and energy into this one girl. There are many other girls out there that are probably right for me, I just need to find these girls at the right time and at the right place. I don’t need to beat myself up just because I’m going nowhere with this girl.

Well, you know what?

I don’t care! I just want her! I don’t care if there are other girls out there for me, if I can’t have this one then I die. Yes, dying for another person because she doesn’t love you back is a great reason to die. What other excuses that are out there are greater than dying of unrequited love? Nothing, I tell you.Putting someone really high on a pedestal and idolized them like a god is a really big trend of love and devotion these days.

Look at kpop. ¬.¬ I didn’t say anything

Anyway, that’s the end of today’s post. I know this week’s topics have been a little stale. I’ll try to be a little more wild in next week’s topics.

Thank youuuuu.

Here’s Friday’s Song of the Week

The reason I picked this song is because I cannot get it out of my head the first time I heard it. I replayed this song for a whole month until I got sick and tired of it. It wasn’t until recently I found this song in my playlist again. The original version of this song is by Jay Chou but I prefer this version better. Hope you guys like it.

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