Where My Girl At? (part 2)

I have a mix feeling about this post. I wasn’t sure if I should post this or not. If you had read my last post, there was this girl that I was trying to talk to. And I said that if I post this week it means I have good news, if you don’t see me this week then it means I had fail. Well, you see me here today but… uh… sigh.

I don’t have good news, she didn’t reply back to me- yet. Some of you guys may think, well no reply may be a good thing. She probably didn’t read the message yet or she has to think about how to return back my message. That’s true, but do you know playing the waiting game is never a good feeling.

However, I did my duty, I went and talk to her which is the first basic step you have to take if you want to get yourself a date. Standing by yourself in the corner is not going to help your situation, not everyone have their own fairy godmother.

fairy godmother

But, with all these things going on it got me thinking about the way to approach someone, either from online dating site or in real life? Unfortunately, like you guys, I don’t know shits either. If I did, I wouldn’t be pulling my hair out trying to think of ways to approach my girl. (Using the term ‘my girl’ really makes me sound possessive. I think I’m really starting to turn into a psychopath.) But fortunately, for you guys, I found a list of ways that teach you on how to approach someone you like in real life, from wikihow. You know shits are legit if it’s from wikihow.

Have you seen the topics on the site?

– How to drop out of high school

– How to stop laughing at every comment

– How to find your kpop bias (like you need help on that)

– How to look pretty with your unfortunate looks (what?)

– How to stop saying ‘I don’t know’

Shit! It really thinks people are dumb. Which we are but don’t be rude and point it out.

But today, we’re not going to talk about these; we’re going to talk about how to approach someone you like.  I feel like I should put in a disclaimer before I start. These are just tips from ‘wikihow’ and sprinkled with a few of my own opinions. They are not guarantee to work and please use your common sense when approaching someone. Don’t come back and blame me when you fail, I’ll just tell you to suck it up. It’s life, bish!


Actually, there is nothing to list, there is only one step.

Step one: Approach your goddam target!

That’s it. What are you waiting for? If you want to talk to someone, don’t you have to walk up to them and talk to them? If you were thinking of them approaching you, you have 2 outcomes. They will and you’re one lucky bish or they won’t and that’s life.


Sorry, I’m overreacting.  Let me calm down a little. I’m still waiting for my message.

breathing in paper bag gif 2

Okay, I know there are people out there that may not have the confidence or nerve to walk up to someone. That’s fine. I have good news for you, Wikihow has a list for how you should approach someone.

  1. Start Looking

This can only happen when you get out in the public. You can go to café, library, bookstores, club or bar. Keep in mind, whatever places you go to, you will attract different types of people. Don’t go to a bar and expect to meet someone who is a bookworm. I’m not saying you won’t find one but do some math and know the probability of meeting someone that fit your type.

  1. Eye Contact

If you read a lot about love articles and stories then you will know ‘eye contact’ is the key thing you do to catch someone attention. Usually, you will look at your target and when they look back at you, you should look away. That’s what you usually see in drama and shows. There is another way you can try, such as, when you look at them and they look back at you; give a slight nod,  smile a little, then start grinning and soon start laughing loudly. Do this, trust me this will work.

  1. Check Body 

The third step should be the easiest to do, check out their bodies. I mean their body languages. Sorry, I miss a word. Wikihow says focus on how your target’s body languages move and pose to see what they’re feeling or thinking. So you should look at them from head to toe and then toe to head and mark them off your checklist.

Flawless hair, check.

Boobs, check.

Booty, check.

Then there’s 4, 5, 6 steps. It says find an interesting topic, give compliments and make future plans. All of these steps don’t need to be taught, unless you’re really shy, because once you get pass the awkward phase of approaching someone, talking to them afterward is solely depend on the flow of the conversation and the interactions. There is no one correct way to go about this and there is no good way to teach someone to properly talk to someone else. Everyone is different, what may work for me may not work for you. But that’s not the point, the point is you take a step out of your comfort zone and you do something you never done before. You give yourself a chance or maybe even the other person a chance to know you.

And I know, it’s because I said it times and times again, it is easier say than done. I mean, I can say all these shits on this post and when it actually comes to the time where I see someone I like in real life, I may not able to walk up to them. I know, I chicken out all the time but I’m not asking you to do all these at once. You can start small. Maybe, initially, just look around and check people out. Then slowly start smiling at people you find attractive. After that, try to catch their attention with your eye contact. (If you’re daring, try to flirt with your eyes.) With all these little steps you’re doing, you’re building your confidence. Once you have your confidence, walking to someone and talking to them is not going to seem like a big thing. And all these, can take a weeks, months or even years before you can actually go through it. So, don’t push yourself too hard.

In the meantime, while you guys go out and flirt yourself away with strangers, I’m going to stay back and check on my inbox every minute. Did she receives my message? Maybe it got lost in the cyber world? What are the chances of that happening? Maybe 1 out 1? Maybe my opening wasn’t as smooth as I thought it was? Maybe…

Maybe, I need to wait and calm down.

calm down woman gif

Thank you for reading another of my useless post. Hope, the next time I talk to you guys I have some freaking GOOD news!

Thank youuuuu.





This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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