Where My Girl At?

Oh hi, you come at a good time. I need help looking for my girlfriend; just want to know if you see her anywhere?

What’s her name? Oh, I don’t know yet.

Where does she lives? Oh I don’t know either.

Well I can’t really tell you what she looks like either, but in mind she looks really cute and sexy. She’s also very smart, kind and loving.

So you haven’t seen her then?

What you mean she doesn’t exist? She does! In my head.


Heyy guys and girls and special creature of all sorts, welcome to another post of Pink Elephant. I am your host, Eggy.

In my last post, I talked about cheating and told you guys to send in stories if you ever cheated on someone or you been cheated on. Well, I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news, I received nothing from you guys. It’s good news because it means nobody got hurt or went through the cheating process. It’s bad news because nobody would care enough about me to share. But it’s okayyyy, I don’t expect people to believe me so early on in my blog. After all, I did write a post about how cheating is good for you. You probably want to throw eggs at me if you see me.

Please don’t. Eggs are precious. 😀

Well, today I won’t be talking about cheating. As you know, from the reading the title, I’m looking for my girlfriend. She’s lost and she doesn’t know her way home- back home to me. Some of you will be thinking why won’t she know her way to her girlfriend’s home? Well, to start off, she doesn’t know I exist yet. So I need you guys to help me, to help her, to figure out that I exist. Got it? Good.

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, someone in this world is looking for their lover. Let it be through blind dating, speed dating, online dating or whatever else. This doesn’t just apply to singles; it also applies to someone who is already in a relationship, looking for a better partner; someone who is married, looking for their soulmate after a boring marriage; or someone who has just broken up, looking for a rebound.  Humans are social creature. We like to be around people but even more we love to be around someone we love.

And like all the other social creatures out there, I long to find someone I love. However, I have a problem. I don’t want to do the finding, I want to be found. I want to be like the movie, where love just falls in your lap. I want my prince or princess to magically walks into my life and sweeps me off my feet. So… I’ve been waiting for 10 years now and uh… I’m hopeful. I know they will come one day. Let it not be 84 years.

It's been 84 years gif

I’ll tell you guys now, if you have this thinking in your mind, your chance of finding someone you like is as close as you get hit by a car while crossing the street. It’s not impossible but very improbable. Most of us get brainwash by movie and shows thinking that love comes very easy.

Umm… no it doesn’t. Love is never an easy thing. You want it you fight for it.

You can’t sit around at home and complain you don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend if you’re not actively looking. No bish, you don’t have that privilege, not even if you’re hot. You need to put yourself out there and get to know people. And I know- I know it’s easier say than done. I’ve been there once; actually I’m still there but that not the point. The point is, if you want love you look for love. Your life is not a movie, your life is not a fairy tale, your prince or princess won’t magically fall in your lap. Although, I do wish mine would but that’s not the point. So go out more, meet more people, go to places you never went before, join a community groups or volunteer for a group. Whatever it is, you just need to throw yourself out in the ocean and slowly (and hopefully) fishes would start to swim your way.

just keep swimming gif

I can’t be like a hypocrite and tell you guys to go out and look for your love if I don’t do it myself. So that’s what I did. I went out and start looking for my girl. I looked under the table, under my bed, on shelves, in the closet (she could pretty well hide in the closet). Anyway, I looked everywhere and I still can’t find her until I landed on a dating site. I found my girl, the girl I’ve been looking for, well at least on paper she everything I want. However, another problem arises, how can I approach her? I only have one chance to give her a good impression and I don’t want to mess this up. If I mess this up, the second time I approach her again I will be known as a stalker and I do not want to be seen as a stalker. (For real though, I’m not.)

So, for this weekend, I’m going to come up with ways to see how I can approach her. I can’t mess this up. Woo! I’m so ready for this. Anyway, thank you for tuning in for another Eggy’s post. If next week, you don’t hear from me it probably mean I got my heart broken. No need to cry for me, we’ll just mourn in peace. But if you see me next week, then there’s probably something (I hope).

Here are the usual shits that I said every week, follow me on facebook or twitter or ask.fm or leave a comment or whatever you want to do. I don’t care, it’s your life.

See ya!

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


2 thoughts on “Where My Girl At?

  1. Some people are looking to do the finding, while others are looking to be found… And then there are those who are just a millimeter away from giving up… There’s so many “Mister/Miss Right (for The Night)” compared to “Mister/Miss Right, For Life”. which one are you?


    1. Well to start off, I’m lazy, so I don’t want to do the finding. I want to be found, pleasee. However, if I do come across someone I like, I would put in 110% in trying to catch that fish.

      And for me personally, I don’t do one-night stands and I don’t date people just for sex. If I’m looking for someone to date, it’s going to be for a serious relationship. Not too serious to be having cats together though, that’s too deep.


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