Cheating, It’s A Good Thing

Now that I have your attention, I’m going to proceed to talk about why cheating is not a good thing.


I know I am. Babe In Total Control, Honey.

I’m kidding. Me telling you why cheating is a bad thing is boring. There are already so many articles out there that tell you why cheating is not good for you and how it can negatively affect your life and all the craps that come with it. That’s too predictable. Everybody wants to cheat, it’s just that nobody has the guts to face the consequences or the drama that comes with it. But if you decided to cheat, my friend, your life has already becomes so much more colorful.

Well to start off, everyone wants a stable, happy and successful relationship. We like the sense of security, familiarity and the sense of being an exception and importance in someone’s life. When things changed and we start to lose control on things, we panic. That’s how it feels like to be cheated. However, if you‘re the one that is doing the cheating, holla! The feeling is exhilarating. Being monogamous is old school. In this modern era, cheating is a everyday’s activity. If you go through your life and you didn’t cheat once then you’re missing something, my friend. And don’t be mistaken, I’m not talking about cheating as in cheating on test or in contest; I’m talking about cheating in relationship.

I can hear some of you gasp.

What?! How can she suggest such thing?

Well, I just did. And I’m going to list the reasons why cheating is good for you, in case you ever start to question yourself or you start to feeling guilty.


Take the first initiative, the best defense is the good offense

Your player image will come out really good if you’re the first one to cheat. If you let your lover does it first then you lose the upper-hand. You would be the one wearing the pants in the relationship if you act first. Also if you cheat first it makes you feel like you’re special because it will definitely tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that you still have market-value. It will make them appreciate you more.

Make your life interesting

Sometimes when you’re stuck in one relationship, things may get a little boring. What the best way to spice things up? Go out and meet people and while you’re at it may as well have a little fun on the way. Although, don’t try to befriend the crazies, you can’t handle them. Trust me, I know.

Increase your sexual skill

Having sex with one person all the times is boring and you probably doing the same moves over and over. If you go and have sex with others, you may learn new tricks and maybe you can come home and teach your lover on what you learn. Then they’ll be so amaze by your new found skills that they don’t have time to worry about other stuffs, which give you the chance to go out and cheat more. Isn’t that great!

Can help improve your multi-task skill

Having two lovers at the same time really test your organizing skill in juggling with 2 different schedules. It also helps train you in managing 2 different lives, it keeps you on your toes. Scientists said that if you use your brain constantly you will become smarter. You know what they said; use it or lose it. This apply to your genital as well.

cheaters everywhere

Oh by the way, a friendly words of advice, if you ever decide to go out and cheat, please and I mean please pick someone dumber than you. If you want to cheat at least know how to do it smartly. Picking someone who is serious in relationship and someone who is smarter will only lead to one ending, you getting fucked up. If you pick someone who is just playing around, who is just after you for a fling, when you break up with them you’re not hurting anyone. If they’re after a fling, the chance of them stalking you is low and they won’t cling to you like a crazy person. Or if you date someone that is dumb, you can easily lie to them and they wouldn’t know shits. And if you get lucky, you get to date someone who is dumb and a whore. Cheating is a skill; you have to be a good liar, organizer (how else can you schedule your date around your lover) and have a lot of money. If you don’t have these things, please don’t try to be Casanova and be a player because you’re not up to par yet.

With all these positive things that go with cheating, how can you not cheat? Although, I know that there are going to be people out there that tell you cheating is bad. We are train from when we’re young that cheating is not ethical and is something only bad people do and blah blah blah. Don’t listen to them. You do what you want to do. You want to cheat, go ahead. You want to ruin your relationship, that’s fine. You want to waste money on someone who has no future with you, you should do it. You want to create some drama in your life and have your close friends and family members look down on you, go for it.

With this article, you have my permission to cheat. Don’t be afraid of the consequences and just go for it. Don’t let the show Cheaters scares you because all that are dramatize. What are the chances of your lover finding out that you have another lover outside? The possibility is so low, so low. XD

So if you haven’t cheat before and you decide you cheat after reading this article, I will be so proud of you. Tell me afterward, though. I want to know how’s your mess-up life is going to become. However, if you have already cheated and still live to tell the tale, share your story. I wanna know. You can leave a comment below or head over to facebook. Follow me on twatter for the latest updates or you can go to if you want to ask questions or whatever instagram.

Thank youuuuu.^^

Stay in school and cheat more.

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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