Bachelor- Gay Version, Would You Watch?

In a blink of an eye we arrived to Friday. Time seems to pass really fast these days but it’s even faster in dreamland.

I had a dream yesterday while I was sleeping. I was surrounded by girls- a lot of pretty girls. All of us were in this beautiful mansion, in this beautiful garden with plants everywhere and in the middle was a big fountain. Everyone was wearing pretty dresses and had their make-up done. I was standing in the front beside the fountain facing the girls. They were all looking at me with this gleam in their eyes, like they wanted to devour me.

Suddenly I call this girl up to me, which of course I don’t remember the name now but I think it may have been Chloe. (The cutest name you can ever have if you ask me) Anyway, Chloe walked up to me, smiling with her pearly white and her brown hair glittering from the reflection of the sunlight. I looked at her, holding up my rose and said, “Will you accept this rose?”

She looked back at me with a big smile on her face already giving away her answer. She said yes and took the rose and we lean in to- RRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

rage meme

And that’s how I fucking got wake up by my alarm. I almost throw it across the room, but then I wouldn’t have the money to buy another one. But yeah, ever since that dream I cannot get the scene out of my head, until I realized why the setting and the dialogue were so familiar. I was in the Bachelorette. I was the Bachelorette.

Just a head up, I don’t watch that show. It’s the most annoying and fakest show that I come across, after SmackDown. But even then, SmackDown has better storyline and characters. However, that’s not my point. We, LGBT community, need to have a show like this!

But from what I heard, the show will never come out with a gay version of the Bachelor. You want to know why? It’s because it’s not a good business plan. This is what Chris Harrison said about the idea:

“The question is: Is it a good business decision? I just spoke at U.S.C. the other night, and I explained it like this: Look, if you’ve been making pizzas for 12 years and you’ve made millions of dollars and everybody loves your pizzas and someone comes and says, ‘Hey, you should make hamburgers.’ Why? I have a great business model, and I don’t know if hamburgers are going to sell.”

People are not fucking pizza or hamburgers, but you know what Chris Harrison, hamburgers are healthier than pizza. We have lettuce, tomato and onion as our veggie. What the hell do you have, cheeseeee?!

fuck you gif


You know in the LGBT community, our exposures in the media are growing but slowly. Majority of the times we gays are shown as the side character with a side plot, if we get lucky we may get a main story just for us. As for reality TV shows we hardly get any. Wouldn’t it awesome if we have our own rendition of the Bachelor, maybe even Amazing Race? I would totally watch the crap out of that show if they have the gay version of Amazing Race, different gay or lesbian couple come together, from different parts of the world, to join the race. Maybe we can even have Real Housewives Rainbow version or Pussy Dynasty. Whatever it is, we need to have more LGBT reality shows because sometimes dramas just don’t cut it anymore.

For shows, we can fantasize about the characters in it, but we know they are not real. They are portrayed by actors and actresses. The story they’re going through has been designed and organized by writers and producers to create the best scenes out there for us to dream about. Reality shows are different because we know the people in it are real everyday people. The story line may exaggerated a little but we know the main point is still there. The familiarity we have with them is closer than the connection we have with made-up characters.

That’s just my little revelation from my dream. Actually today’s post is kind of ‘eh’, but I just want to share it with you guys. Maybe someday we get to have another awesome show like the Real L Word, follow the lives of the gays. I would create a vlog and record about my daily life but I’m afraid I’ll bore you guys to death. For now, I’m just going to stick with blogging. Maybe in the future when my schedule is lot less hectic and crazy, I’ll do some vlogging. Anyway, thank you for reading this boring post. Weekend is coming up I hope you guys have fun and enjoy life, unlike me I have to work. Freaking life is so unfair sometimes.

Once again, you can follow me on twitter, facebookinstagram to get the latest updates. You can also head over to to ask me anything. Thank you guys and gals, talk to you next time.

Thank youuuuu. ^^


Oh I forgot, there is a gay version of the Bachelor. How could I forget? This is the to preview, isn’t it so much better than watching straight couple? All the drama and bullshits they don’t give. Well if it’s a lesbian version, you know the u-haul truck would park right outside the gate. Ahh, we gays are so adorable.


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