Just Like a Tart

Thank you for tuning into another post of Pink Elephant. Once again, I’m your host, Egg Tart. If you’re a first time reader, welcome. For those who stick with me since the first post, I would like to take this time to really thank you for reading my blog and for the support.

I realized in all my posts, I didn’t really mention much about myself. I know I have a ‘About’ page, so this would just be an add-on to what I already have. Beside, today is Friday I decide I’m just going to have a relaxing post and talk a little about myself.

I hope this isn’t too boring for you. If it is, well suck it. I’m still going to talk about myself.

suck it

Well first off, I’m a girl, if you don’t already know. I’m in my early twenties and live in the East Coast. I want to live in the West Coast cause winter is hell over here. Don’t even get me started on this year winter. It’s driving me crazy.

Anyway, I had already graduated from school, working full time now being an adult and all the shits that come with it. I’m trying to enjoy life a little at a time and try not to push myself too much, but I always feel like there are a lot of things that I have to do but I don’t have enough time or I don’t have the motivation. For example, I like to learn how to cook meth, but I hate chemistry, so I try watching Breaking Bad. I also like to learn to fly, but I’m scare of heights. I want to learn how to juggle, but I can’t multi-task. I’m surprise I can even get through life.

Another thing you should know about me is I considered myself as a bisexual, but I’m not sure. I don’t know if I have to go and register myself as a bisexual for me to be one, I heard a rumor that you do. But anyway, I like guys and girls, so I guess I’m a bi and no I’m not a slut. Don’t you think that being bisexual is the most awesome thing you can be, follow by being a gay unicorn. You get to have the best of both worlds and you increase your chances of finding someone you like. How great is that! You should try it sometimes.

Someone on ask.fm asks if I’m dating anyone right now. Well bish, if I’m dating someone I wouldn’t be writing on this blog. I probably get myself some loving every day. Who the hell have time for a blog when I can get dirty. I’m like half of the people in the world; I need some TLC- tender, loving, chocolate.

I don’t have a girlfriend, but I do have an ideal type girlfriend. My ideal soulmate is someone who is nice, caring, hot, smart, funny, loving, sexy, clever, rich, honest, loyal, wealthy, cute, carefree and did mention good looking. And you may ask, ‘Does this person even exist?’

Yes, she does. We even went on a date, to the beach. Here’s her picture.


A majority, including me, spend a lot time daydreaming and fantasizing how awesome our future lovers are going to be. But that’s all we ever do, we fantasize, we don’t really take initiative. Only a small proportion of the people do and those are the people we hate because they have what we don’t have. We should stop blaming them for our fault that we don’t take actions, but if we don’t blame them, then who do we blame? I’m not blaming myself. My tragedy is not create by me, is others that are making my life difficult.

But seriously, I have an excuse of why I don’t take the initiative. It’s not like I can’t. I work in sales so I know my communication skill is not lacking. The reason why I never approach anyone is that I never remember to.

You would be like, ‘What the hell do you mean you don’t remember, Eggy?

I mean exactly that.

Sometimes when I’m out and about, unless I’m just aimlessly cruising around doing nothing, then I maybe able to remind myself to flirt and check out others. If there is something I have to do or I have an objective I need to finish that day, I will tune everyone out.

I remembered there was this one time, I was in a music store looking for a C.D. and standing next to me was this cute girl. Under normal circumstance with normal reaction by normal people, there should be some flirting and interaction going on. But me, being a dumbass and missing my opportunity, I completely miss it.

Her: Hey.

I turn to her

Me: Hi

Her: Do you listen to a lot of indie songs?

Me: Some I guess.

Her: Do you have a recommendation on a similar artist like Ben Rector? I’m getting a gift for a friend.

At this time, I should direct my full attention toward her. I don’t care that whatever you are doing is important, when a girl talks to you, she should become your number one priority. In normal situation, this is perfect time to flirt and get to know her, maybe even get her numbers. But nooo…

Me: You can try Matt Wertz or Dave Barnes.

Her: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Me: No problem.

That’s it. That was the whole conversation. You know what the worst part is? I didn’t realize my mistake until I got home.


Well, you know what they said, you learn from your mistakes. I can tell you now, I still haven’t learned from my mistakes. I still tend to ignore people, unless, and I mean unless she really grabs my attention. I’m not trying to imply anything or think I’m better than everyone else (maybe some?) but I haven’t come across anyone that can get my full attention. I think the last time I have a crush was when I was a freshman in college, about a couple years ago. So, I don’t know. Is it me being picky or the right girl didn’t come into the picture yet? Well, whatever it is, she should come soon. I’m getting a little thirsty in here.

Beside girls, I also like sleeping and eating. Is there a job out there that pays you to eat and sleep because I’ll be the first to sign up. In my free time, I like to exercise…

Just kidding!

I hate exercising. Exercising is the second most boring thing you can go through, being in school is the first one. Honestly, in my free time, I like to draw, listening to music and just relax. I’m a huge fan of music, I feel like my world will flip if music were to be taken away from me. And I listen to all kind of music; indie, rock ballad, R&B, pop, rock pop, alternative, new age and a lot more. Beside English songs, I listen to C-pop, J-pop, K-pop and whatever pop out there.

As for movies, I don’t watch them much, unless they can hold my attention in the first 15 minutes. Shows? I watch some, I’m currently re-watching Dexter. I try to get myself to watch House of Cards, but I gave up after the pilot episode. I’m really not into politics. Oh, I almost forgot, there is one genre show that I’ll never watch- soap opera. I really hate dislike soap opera; all the dramas and plotting drive me crazy. You can’t pay me to watch those shows, actually you can, but let’s not.

I guess, that all I have for now. I hope with this little post, you get to learn about me a little more. I know this is not everything about me because I wasn’t aiming in writing an autobiography for you bishes. But with time, I will share more stuffs. If you have any fun or interesting stories you like to share, post them in the comment. I want to know about other people’s tragedy, it makes me feel better about my life.

Anyhow, thank you for tuning in again to read my useless post. I hope you learn something today, like how Eggy can’t get a girlfriend, but let’s not rub salts in the wounds. Follow me on facebook and twitter to get the latest updates of my blog. You can also head over to ask.fm if you have any question for me.

Thank you. ^^

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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