It’s New Year, Bish!

I can safely say that in the Asian community right now, things are getting a little exciting.


It’s because New Year is approaching! Holla!

January 1st has already passed a month ago, but what I’m talking about is Lunar New Year. This is the year of the Sheep and it falls on this Thursday, February 19th. Asians would know that Lunar New Year is the equivalent of American Christmas. We would expect and should expect to get some mula, from families, neighbors and close friends. But besides getting money on New Year’s Day, the festivity, food and the fortune telling all make the holiday a bit more entertaining and fun. Another important thing that cannot be miss are the Lion Dance and Dragon Dance, pairing off with firecrackers which is symbol of getting rid of the old and welcoming the new.

As expected in U.S New Year’s celebration, the party is not as grand and impressive compared to celebration that is held in other Asian countries. However, Asian Americans still celebrate the holiday every year to continue the tradition albeit the party is small. I actually went to a New Year event in my neighborhood, a Vietnamese style celebration and I had a lot of fun. I took some pictures for you guys.


Trinklets          Flowers           Lion Dance

There were a lot of vendors selling different items and foods. The event wasn’t big, but it was full of people ready to enjoy the day. I got to eat some delicious food and got to see an amazing show performed by the locals and most of all I saw a lot of good looking girls…but I didn’t approach them. It’s always been a problem of mine but I’ll save it for another time.

Well it’s a shame that I didn’t approach the girls, but I did approach the foods and there are a lot of foods. In every New Year’s ritual (I can only speak for the Chinese because I am one), there is a ceremony called ‘Bai San’, either done before New Year or during. It’s a ritual of honoring and offering food to the gods and the ancestors, in order to show our filial piety and love for them. There are a lot of different dishes, ranging from steam chicken, crap soup, hot and sour pork, roasted duck and so much more. If I have an endless stomach I will eat everything. The pictures below are some of the foods that I ate.

                                  Chicken Dish                  Pork Knuckle with Mushroom and Sea Cucumber

And how can you celebrate the Lunar (Chinese ) New Year without going through the fortune telling of your zodiac signs. Every year the fortune of your zodiac changes, you could have bad luck last year but maybe you would have good luck this year. The fortune is based on the alignment of stars and each alignment have its own meanings in different categories: health, wealth, career, romance and so on. Some people have a false belief thinking that if it is the year of their zodiac sign then they will have good luck for that year. That’s actually is false. When it comes to the year of your zodiac sign, it usually means that it’s a time of where your zodiac is offending ‘Tai Sui’, a god that is in charge of people’s fortune. So don’t be happy when it’s the year of your zodiac because it just means you’ll experience bad luck if you’re not careful. So you Sheep people be careful this year and take things cautiously… if you believe in these things.

Here is the link to the website where you can take a look and read about your sign for this year fortune. I’ll briefly describe the fortune of the sheep since it is their year.

Overview- Just a basic summary of what kind of person you are if you are born on the year of the Sheep. You are born to be clever, wise, gentle, kind-hearted, filial and polite. Your weaknesses are shy, timid, unable to openly express your opinion and love. If you are to be pair with another zodiac signs, you would go best with rabbit, horse or pig. You should totally avoid someone with a sign of a dog or ox, however, in my opinion, the best thing always come in package that you can’t have.

Health- You’ll easily be infected and injured so wash your hands every 30 minutes, disinfect everything you use and if possible wear a mask around.

Education- Sheep that are in school, if you struggling with your classes now, in 2015 you’ll definitely going to fail. So if your mom asks you why you fail your classes you can blame your fortune.

Career- In career wise, this year you will do so-so. Try to be careful and cautious in a business setting and nothing bad will happen, but don’t expect a promotion or a raise this year cause it ain’t happening.

Wealth- It’s the same for wealth, don’t expect too much and don’t be risky in investments or at all.

Romance- A lot of arguing and fights, sheep people need to calm themselves down, communication is the key. (Actually that’s always the key to relationship.) So that advice is bullshit. But yeah, try not to get married if you’re a sheep. Now you have the excuse for your lover. ;P

That’s a quick summary of the Sheep’s fortune, there are a lot more for other zodiac signs in the link above, so take a look at it if you have time. If you believe it then you have it if you don’t then you don’t. Nevertheless, New Year is always a joyful time to get together, catching up and earning some extra money. Once again I would like to thank you everyone for reading. I want to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. I hope you guys have a happy and healthy year and may the fortune be with you.

Thank youuuuuuu. ^^




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