Happy Valentine’s Day!

Welcome back my friend!

Today is Friday and that’s why you’re here, to read my post as it’s fresh out of the oven. And tomorrow is Saturday, which is a day for rest and play after a long week of work, but it’s also Valentine’s Day. I’m going to use this opportunity to wish everyone an early Happy Valentine’s Day.

If you have a date tomorrow or you have somewhere to go, good for you. I’ll be staying home all day tomorrow to avoid all the lovey-dovey lovers out there. I think I’ll throw up if I see any couples especially the ones that make googly eyes at each other.

Brian puking

Nah, I’m just kidding. I like couples, they’re cute, but keep the ones who are doing the PDA at bay. I always feel like those couples are trying to suck the living soul out of each other. They’re probably Dementor in disguise.

Anyway, let us start with today’s topic and I’m sorry to say but it’s going to be about love again since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. But today’s post is going to be a little short, so don’t you worry. Well the reason is because my schedule has been a little tight these past few days, I haven’t had the chance to write another post. Instead, what I have for you today is a list of reasons on why I hate and love Valentine’s Day.

Okay let’s get started!


The Love List

1. The price of chocolate goes on sales

2. Can get Shari’s Berries for a cheap price

3. Sales on sex toys

4. Can get Valentine’s heart candies

5. Spending money (It’s almost as good as having an orgasm)

6. Sexyy time (You can finally wear your special underwear)

7. You have the right to brag on your relationship

8. Receiving gifts (More chocolate please)

9. Red or pink is your favorite color

10. You’re a romantic


The Hate List

1. Too many couples walking around holding hands

2. Too many red flowing around (The color really assaults your eyes)

3. Rubbing salts in the wounds for the singles

4. Businesses make more money

5. Fifty Shades of Grey (Enough said.)

6. Blatantly knowing you’re single

7. Friends think it is okay to show PDA (It’s not okay. Never okay)

8. It reminds you of your ex

9. Tacky and cheesy shits (Love poems, flowers, teddy bears…should I go on)

10. Love (Why?)

And that’s my list of love and hate for Valentine’s Day. Once again I thank you for tuning in to read my post, albeit rather short. I’ll try to make it up on Tuesday, try is the key word. Please follow me on my blog, Facebook or Twitter to get the latest update. Post a comment below if you want to add your own reason to the list of Love/Hate and if there is enough, I’ll compile a list for next post.

Thank you and talk to you next time. ^^

This post contains reference to links and pictures from one or more sources and has given credits where they are due. In no shapes or forms do I make any money out of these products.


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